Anyone know out about these 2 things / letter of support of there lung doc & concomitant airway disease its like copd

Anyone know out about these 2 things / letter of support of there lung doc & concomitant airway disease its like copd

Yep HM Courts and tribunal service have refused to get my ct results of lung specialist.

Anyway am not happy as we are at tribunal because Atos did not follow DWP guidelines on IIDB Claims or even looked at my xray that was done six months prior to claim.

So am going to tell panel how it is like really ... but first al be nice see how it go's

But yes a need letter of support of lung doc any one have experience .

Lung docs secretary told me to write in and told me to ask for technical details names and locations of my disease.

Other question is has anyone heard of concomitant airway disease its like copd or concomitant asbestosis.

Cheers all the best .

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  • Hi Daz

    May help

    2con·com·i·tant noun \kən-ˈkä-mə-tənt, kän-\

    : something that happens at the same time as something else : a condition that is associated with some other condition

  • Hi cheers going to use it in my letter .. How relavent do you think it is today

  • Hi Daz

    It seems to imply that you have one condition related to another condition?

    Those that seem correct.

  • Cheers stone ye was asking as never seen that word b4 to describe lung disease

  • I got a great letter from my Respiratory nurse at the hospital. She said not to read it as she had put everything in and she did not want to scare me! I read it. It was very technical and I understood very little - but it worked, and that is the important thing. Good luck Daz. x

  • Hi toci cheers yes a hope mine will be as good ... Anyway sent letter of and forgot to sigh it

  • Hi defo agree

  • l worked for 9yrs and was on sick from work till my ssp run out l then had to claim esa for the first time in my life l was claiming esa and after l had claimed for a year they told me l was no longer entitled cos my hubby was working full time l think its stinks

  • Hi mickymoo yep those who need it cant get it .. You are correct

    Cheers all the best :)

  • Kinky moo, you were prob getting conts based ESA )which is only paid for a year and if your husband wasn't working you would get income related ESA instead which would have been paid for the entire period you were awarded ESA for. The way to continue getting ESA in this situation is to get yourself in the support group for ESA as ESA (support) is paid for as long as the award period is for irrespective of whether you are getting conts based or income related. It is difficult to get into the ESA (support) group as it is the higher level of ESA and is only paid if you are considered by DWP to be so unwell you can never work again as opposed to the esa(wrag) group which is the category you will have originally been placed in. Hope this helps.

  • it stinks to high heaven minkymoo,..good luck daz but I can tell you the tribunal is brutal..and they try to trick honest and keep to the same story..but my other advice is don't go clean and dressed nice..look scruffy, (silly I know but if you go clean they say your fine!)..they don't belive you anyway its all about not giving it too you..

  • Tony66 hi yep you are right about tribunral .. Been b4 over DLA but this time is not going yo be like last time .. Thay was well bias anyway al just kick off it thay come the crap ..

  • omg you got me very worried i was claiming incapcity benifit which has now all changed they want to see if i am lying about my copd also a very bad neck shoulder injury which gets worse every day as i had a run in on a zebra crossing with a fork lift truck i am realy worried i have had a panic attact for weeks but now i am getting them every day what do i say to them

  • My advice would be take all your hospital letters doctors letters and meds take someone with you to help you take your coat off dont bend over and have flip flops on becouse thay like to check you dont have stones in ya shoes .. Basacly crawl in and do as little as posable .. No need to worry really as there as bad if not worse

  • thanks i will let you no how i get on fingers/eyes/legs crossed

  • Best of luck daz. Thinking of you. :-) :-) Alison

  • its awful i had to go to a tribunal. because the nurse who did my assessment was very wrong and i lost my the tribunal was an old doctor and a judge. i lost it . i was very upset at the questions they asked me and i felt like a criminal. they agreed with the nurse who had said i had poor technique when i was asked to use the spirometer. i challenged it.and with help from the cab my challenge was sent to the high court who gave me permission to appeal . i went again to another tribunal and different judge and doctor. as soon as i told them.i had bronchiactaais i won and was awarded the higher component also wilth a ruling. i am not to be called again for a medical for 2 if you lose your first tribunal fight it. i think once they heard i am on oxy for 16 /24 they had to agree with me ,i have applied for pip and waitingxxxxxx.

  • fight them all the way Daz,they are all a bunch of tory toss pots.!!!! good luck and god bless.x

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