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I had to leave you all, because I was freezing all of a sudden. I grew so short of breath too.I threw myself in bed for a few minutes. then I thought I must turn the heater up, even though it's 22 degree. I put a bean bag in the microwave, then put it round my neck which had "seized" with cold. I proceeded to make anew pot of tea and drank some with some Paracetamol. I phoned a nurse where my wife stays who said I'd done the right thing. I'm so scared of these freezing bouts.

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flibberti, Panicky? I think I do a little. I turnaround and wonder what's happening with the heater. 10 points for a second bean bag for the feet. I think I'll buy that!


That sounds very scary . Do you have these freezing episodes often? My husband finds it very difficult to keep warm and does get very cold this drop in temp doesn't help. If my husband gets very cold his breathing is immediately affected and it seems to be worse if he sits for any length of time. Take good care TAD x

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TADAW Yes, I do. I've told my pulmonary nurse this. seh jsut told me, keep warm! I try to (jumper, fleece, dressing gown, hat, gloves) What more can I do. And yes, I too want to stand, breathless. But I don't want to move, petrified.

I complained of the 40 yr old boiler at the council. the only good thing out of this is that they sent a man who consolidated the windows. He took the slats on the sides of the windows and put bits of plastic where he could feel the wind get through. It cut the North wind from invading my lounge. This year, blessing of all, the council replaced the old boiler by a brand new combi boiler.

Now, I'm in the process of buying a lounge gas heater to supplement, 84% efficient it should be! But the tradesmen don't hurry at the door!

I shall watch myself closely, and as soon as my body starts to feel cold, I'll press the button of this new boiler! Thank you and hopefully, your hubby can benefit too.


So sorry you are going through this helingmic. Sounds like your body's own natural thermometer is not quite operating as it should. I wonder if this is hormonal or if you've been prescribed new drugs lately that could be the cause.

Best person to check with is your doctor. I think thyroid and diabetes imbalance can cause this type of thing, its something that needs investigating for sure. your doc can refer you for tests to try and determine the cause.

Take good care. Hope you get this sorted soon.



It's not too long until a review with the Pulmonary nurse and with my lung specialist. I shall put the questions (Thyroid) to evaluate this.

No diabetes, fortunately, but short on white blood cells, yes (neutropenia diagnosed in 2003) for which I'm currently treated. I'm looking forward to see them. Thanks for your lovely concern.


Hi helingmic, I am hypothyroid and if short of thyroxine (like this summer when lung cons told me to drop thyroxine level) I become very cold with brain fog, hair loss, dry skin, very tired but difficulty sleeping. I think it needs investigating. Perhaps you could suggest to GP that hypothyroidism might be a possibility. Good luck! :-) :-) Alison


Hello, your experience caught my attention bcos I've had several similar bouts, the most recent being last Tues evening. Even using my inhalers the lungs still felt compressed and I had pain in my back (right shoulder) when I tried to take deeper breaths. Movement was painful bcos my whole body felt stiff & frozen, just couldn't get warm.

So I did all I could, took myself to bed and saw the doctor the following morning. He didn't say a lot but perscibed me a 1 wks supply of 'Azithromycin' which is a tablet I haven't had before.

Just a few month ago after a High Resolution CT scan, my long standing 'COPD' condition was found to be Bronchiectasis, so I'm assuming these shivering bouts must be due to a lung infection starting up.

Perhaps you need to see your doctor in case you need something too.


Dear Delilah,

I’ve checked on NHS choices, It describes it as an drug to kill certain bacteria – but doesn’t say which ones!!!. The ending –mycin usually indicates an antibiotic. Your doctor has chosen this first line drug and sees what happens. First line, means it’s not a “heavy” antibiotic. First line is always prescribed first. I don’t know if you’ve given a sputum test. A S.T. is invaluable to determine what bacteria tickle you! Tell us of your good progress, please.


Hello again Helingmic

Thank you for taking an interest in my tale, it was kind of you but I didn't mean to put you to any bother.

I've had the results from those sputum tests so at least my doctor now knows which anti-biotics he needs to give me when I'm ill, the medication was just new to me that's all.

They only got a mention because my 'freezing' attack seemed so similar to yours I wondered if you might also be suffering from a chest infection seeing as like me you also have Bronchiectasis.

But no doubt you are well aware of your own alarm bells ringing and won't need me telling you to see a doctor.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Take care

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Splendid delilah! October is my month for checking my blood (low white cell count), for seeing the pulmonary nurse who will run tests, no doubt, and my lung specialist. I'm looking forward to all, because they are really good and kind.


Good luck with the tests then Helingmic and enjoy the warm and friendly care I'm sure you deserve.

Kind Regards

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Thank you! I've just had pneumonia with a TB-like bacteria! I'm out of them now, and medicated for ever!

Yes, I've suffered terribly from the cold. I'm glad the council filled my windows when the wind was going through them. They, at last, replaced the 40 year old back boiler with a new one which works well. I also bought a gas heater for the lounge. I have just bought a few woollen jumpers, because wool is the only textile to really keep you warm (with silk). cotton and nylon have poor heat retaining power, although I have a cotton fleece, but that goes on top of my 2 woollen jumpers I wear at the moment.

I have in reserve, some woollen gloves, a beanie hat, a banda (sort of woollen band you slip round your neck) The only thing which are not woollen are my cotton socks, because wool scratches on my legs and I have itchy legs, in any case. So now you know :-)


hi I suffa really cold feet . so I got a pair off battery heated socks off of e bay ,they really help


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