I forgot to tell mollymoomoo...................KOTC.........Aaaaaaargh

I forgot to tell mollymoomoo about my toms and tumbling toms:-

Fried toms, tom sarnies, grilled toms, BLT Baps, tom soup, stuffed toms, tom with salt,

toms with salad, toms in stew

and pears

Fresh pear, stewed pear, pear tart. pear in port, pear flan, baked pear, toffee pear, pear with cereals, poached pear

Don't you just love the seasons!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaargh.



You are never in a stew at your local Breathe Easy group.

Just turn up to join, or get details from BLF Helpline 03000 030 555Mon-Fri 9am 5pm

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  • I love seasonal stuff. We go mad on runner beans, all the berry fruit etc. Strawberry season goes on far longer than it used to, but only from the UK.

  • Yes I agree with you anniesed. but at the moment I seem to be living on toms and pears

  • you must have a big garden kingofthecocktails lol

  • No no no no.most of my growing garden is done in tubs, planters and hanging baskets mollymoomoo

  • Well toms.& pears,so many different recipes for just 2 items grown,good on you.Have you thought of writing a recipe book?

  • On pears and toms??????Wendells Hee HEE

  • Well, King, you can make cider out of pears!

  • Sounds good can I join you?

  • You are now considered to be a member of the tomato and pear club.

  • What about pear tatin yummee

  • Upsidedown pie? silversurfer

  • I never eat tomatoes. I don't know why but I've been like that all my life. Maybe I was bitten by one when I was in my pram! So I daren't go to Italy - I would starve, there's only so much carbonara you can handle. Once in France we ate at a Pizzeria which made everything from scratch. They "coated" the pizza with creme fraiche instead of the almost obligatory tomato paste. All the usual toppings were on offer. Absolutely delicious! If only this was a normal menu option here I could become addicted.

  • I love picking a fresh tomato ,sprinkle with salt and eating it mmmmmmmmmmm WeymouthJohn

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