Hi all, I was feeling good and outside weather conditions were perfect for a record breaking attempt to the top of the estate and !!!!!!!

I'm pleased to say I was successful and I shaved 40 seconds off my previous best. :) . I've worked pretty hard on my fitness to achieve this and it just goes to show that exercise does work. Yes it did hurt as I squeezed every once of effort out of my complaining body but I feel so much better afterwards in mind and body that its worth it.

I had just returned from my fit to breath exercise class where I had a nice surprise, an ICU nurse who had cared for me 3 years ago when my life was in the balance was there and she remembered me, probably because I was in ICU for 2 1/2 months and gave them some pretty serious problems to sort out. All the memories came flooding back as I remembered the names of quite a few of her colleagues and she talked about how my inner strength pulled me through what was a pretty dire situation. She said how pleased she was to see me looking so well, I told her that I call ICU the place of miracles as I know they certainly worked a miracle getting me back from a very very bad place.

Tony :) work hard at your exercise everyone because it really does help.

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  • Fantastic positive post! Fantastic positive attitude and amazing achievement. Will be sending my husband to look at this post! Thank you. TAD xx

  • Oh Tony. Inspirational. :) :) xx

  • Hi Toci, I'm not much use for many things these days but if I can inspire a few on this site then I'll settle for that. We are a team and we all do our bit in our own way to make life better for each other, yeh'

    Tony xx Thanks!

  • Thanks Tad, I always try to post positive vibes but I guess that's easy when things are going well. If it helps you and your husband in anyway then I've achieved something by spreading the news that exercise really does work. :)

    Tony xx

  • Some of us would love to exercise Tony but due to other conditions it is nigh on impossible. However I take my hat off to you for what you have achieved.


    Your daily tonic

  • King, you have a great mind which you exercise very well everyday on this site. A laugh a day helps keep those hospitals at bay, eh' King. :)

    I agree, exercise isn't suitable for all and with health problems should only be done after a chat with your GP first. Then start slow and build it up, I try and do as I'm told but I do get a little carried away at times. I have been guilty of over doing it myself in the past and payed the price, take care and oh yeh' I enjoyed your two for the price of one, still chuckling now. :)


  • I was wondering about 'The right arm lift' does that count?

  • only if it has a pint on the end of it, well you wouldn't want to dehydrate while doing extreme exercise would you.

  • Go Tony - brill news. Upwards and onwards.

    love Cx

  • Thanks cofdrop, onwards and upwards it is.

    Tony xx

  • Good to hear your still working at the exercise dall05, you are an inspiration to all and as you say it makes you feel good.I'll be doing a bit in Scotland next week while I am away nothing to strenuous keep within my own capacity. Enjoy the rest of your day

  • Hi Katie, why don't you call in on mattcass and take a walk to the top of Ben Nevis with him and Fran, I'm sure he'll be up for it and its well within your capacity. :)

    Have a good time next week and bring back plenty of stories about your time up there, keep your camera handy in case Nessie shows up.

    Tony xx

  • Not sure about Ben Nevis,but will be on the look out for nessie, and I am sure there will be plenty of tales to tell when we get back, speak to you then

  • Well done Tony. Keep up the good work but not too much! Your posts always raise my spirits. Thanks. :-)

  • Glad to hear my efforts arn't wasted, I'm going to have a soak in the bath now and and put my feet up until tomorrow when the next challenge comes along.

    Tony. I've just remembered my uncle and aunty are bringing fish and chips for dinner tomorrow, Yee Hi'

  • Thanks flibberti, exercise does help me a lot so I will keep pushing the limits and hoping for more even improvement.

  • hi Tony "your the man" you have lifted my spirits re exersize iam so looking forward too rehab in the new year they have told me,and boy do i need it very unfit.What a buzz for you acheiving so much from knocking on heavens door to walking to the top of your estate what a star and inspiration for us all. :) :) :) :) :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, One day, I may get my new lungs and then look out, I'll be jogging to the top of the estate if the rest of my body can keep up. Rehab will set you off in the right direction and then there will be no stopping you. Good luck :)

    Tony xx

  • You are Great Tony and a miracle man at work.

    Keep up the good work, be proud and stay well. :)

    Best wishes BC

  • Thanks BC, I will keep working hard and hopefully squeeze a little more oxygen efficiency out of these battered lungs of mine.

    look after yourself BC. :)

  • I have taken all that has been said, because walking is hard outside the house. End result is that a phobia has crept in. I have been very nervous when I cross shiny floors without a rollator. Daft, but it is a fact.

  • I can see how this could happen Annie, I guess getting out, even for a little everyday is the answer and slowly get back your confidence.

    Tony. xx

  • Think you have such a good outlook on everything, dall05 - love Annie x

  • I try to stay positive Annie but this is only easy when things are going well. I get my moments of feeling down but always come back fighting.

    Tony xx

  • Agree wholeheartedly with flibberti,Annie,certainly not daft at all! Also applaud the tips she gave you.You are no fool,& know when to be careful! xxx

  • Dont laugh but I went to have a jaw with the local undertaker, Jeremy. drop in whenever I am passing by on my buggy. I saw his shiny floor, and held his elbow. We were chatting about having a positive farewell when the time comes. I dont know why I am writing this - just think it a natural topic but not just yet.

  • Just finished the last post and thought certainly not yet - I need to attend my much awaited PR classes. Realise I could be interpreted as being gloomy - not meant that way.

  • ha jaw away ,bernicexxx

  • Well,not surprised by your post,young Tony,nothing will keep a good man down! I think you take the prize here,for endurance,your family must be so proud of you.xxx

  • I get great support from my family as always which is what keeps me going. I'm glad to say I'm sat writing this on the patio, in the sun, its around 20 deg and I'm surrounded by drying washing which is my job these days seeing as I'm now a house husband. The child bride :) chills on her days off which is only fair and well deserved. I'm making the most of these warm days as the leaves will soon be falling and things will get wet and windy as it does here in England. Tony xxx

  • I am with you in the essentials of exercise. Folks, it really does work. Find our level, push it a bit. Repeat daily.

  • ha am still pushing,bernice,

  • Great, keep it up carrotts, only good will come of it.

  • ha ye am pushin it man,bernice

  • Too true Hitchcock, glad it works for you too. I know its the key to keeping my lungs clear and working as best as is possible.

    I'm preparing for a good walk as I write but first it'll be a warm up with my different strength stretchy elastic things. I recommend these to anyone as they take up so little space in the house and you can exercise just about any muscle in your body.


  • ha had run in valley wet and slippy but was good,changed for work now,bernice

  • Wow ... congratulations on achievement. Keep it up. Bodyand mind clearly benefiting from yyour attitude and determination. X

  • Thanks JK, I'm feeling pretty good at the moment and am in training to beat the 480 metre 6 minute walk record when I go for my 3 month Transplant check up at the QE on Tuesday

    Tony xx

  • wowee :)) will be cheering from the sidelines x

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