does these fluctuations in weather temperatures bother any one, they do me I`ve been feeling a bit grotty the last few days, but this morning I`ve had to start my rescue pack ,so that's two weeks of prednisolone and a week of anti biotics. and another bit of news to cheer me up I had a letter from the hospital this morning telling me I need an operation on my eyes, this growing old is not all it`s cracked up to be

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  • My husband is really struggling. The cold absolutely flaws him and he was telling me last night that it frightens him. He is also not feeling great. He is just more out of breath, more coughing. Always the same with the season change - it is difficult to adjust to the colder temperatures. Especially as they just plummeted! Maybe you will both get some respite the weather report for next week is warmer!

    Hope you start to feel better soon. Take good care and look after yourself. TAD xx

  • PS - Hope the eye op goes ok. xx

  • thank you so do eye (get it)

  • I think this weather messes most of us about, one minute your warm and then cold, no wonder we get colds and infections. Hope you soon get everything under control and are feeling better very soon.

    polly xx

  • Like Tad's husband I have an immediate reaction to the drop in temperature. My breathing is awful at the moment and I entirely understand feeling frightened by it.

  • Have to agree with pollyjj,,this weather messes everybody up, been so lucky today as we have been sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine,, no doubt tomorrow will be a different again,,but the news for the weekend is that it is going to be warm again for a few days,,so hopefully you will all warm up for a few days and breathe easier,,,

  • Any extremes in the weather effects everyone with c.o.p.d. I live in Lancashire and the dampness effects me as well!

  • Good luck with the eye operation. Change of the seasons - very tricky. :-) :-) Alison

  • I cant offer any help or info but it is a big help to me reading about these symptoms and finding they are "normal" for the illness. Stops me getting frightened and panicking. Sorry to be such a wimp but it is all so new and unexpected.

  • Hi Whit, I understand what you say, my breathing has been bad for the last few days but I don't know if there is infection or not half the time, I did my PR this morning and do feel a bit better, just see how it goes but alot is to do with changing temps, hope you feel better soon-take care.

    Jude x

  • I am currently dealing with a chest infection with my Emergency Pack. It started almost on exactly the same date as last year. Think I might have caught it earlier this time.

    Do your exercises when your Resp. Nurse thinks your well enough, and don't be afraid of I presume a Cataract Op. I had one eye done last Aug, and am currently waiting for a date for the other one. It's only 15 -20 mins, and the improvement is fab. XX VAL

  • some thing to do with dry eye ,they block the tear ducts up ( which seems odd if you have dry eyes) supposedly an afternoon job

  • Thanks Whit. That is excellent news. XX Val

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