Well seen COPD nurse very intresting

Well seen COPD nurse very intresting

Well i could talk about paradoxical breathing but i don't know what that is or a could talk about emphysemious bullea and it nothing like emphysema but best starting at the beginning and my visit to COPD Nurse

Well seen COPD nurse and i had lots to say and questions :O

A walk in and nurse says she is changing my medication :O shock and awe so i explane what is wrong with me and am under lung hospital and tell her a would prefer it if she would not change my medication.

Nurse asks me to blow in that tube and says my sats are all good Now thats a surprise like reall.

she must of thought a had smokers cough

If only that was the case anyway she says she is going to change my Qvar medication as that is for asthma and will be doing nothing

I point out my meds i recived from my lung specialist for my condition and told her about the various misdiagnose i have had based on my sats.

To be fair she was nice ad listend so a told the nurse the Qvar is to cut down on mucus i have been producing only and it seems to help.

I also went on about my horrid year and a half and how i would not like to repeat various trips to A+E frequenting heart and lung wards ...nurse did agree to get my notes CT Scan results and to chat to me and lung specialist about my lung condition heart problems befoure she did anything with my medication.

Then a raised few health issues i had 1 being my Belly winding me when i bend down which is intresting as i hope its nothing but my emphysematous bullea crushing my lung a can live with.

But i thought it was wise to ask as it could be pre courser for heart failular ... dont get me wrong am not worrying or a drama queen but is alleays better to be safe than sorry.

I asked nurse as my blood pressure was and is 135/95 which ordinary would be ok if i did not have heart problems emphysematous bullea or brochititisasis but as i have is and needs watching as am in PreHypertension group with those blood pressure readings.

Like really dont i have loads on my plate already :P

Then 2 i asked about why i have been waking up shaking "like when your cold" but am not nurse thought it was over use of Blue Inhaler but i only use that once or twice a day.

It could be something quite inocent like Blood Gloucose rush or striode induced type 2 diabetes .

But i checked my Blood Glucose and it was 7.8 which i was told by nurse is ok as i have been using steriod inhalers.

Or it could be something quite grim like my hormones on rampage but as long as i keep me eye out for unusual bumbs skin blemishes al be fine.

Then we was talking about how GP / practice would not give me repeat prescription for my 7% hypertonic sialine.. nurse to me thay only give it to those who are frail old as its used for End Stage COPD and is addictive that i find hard to belive its addictive.


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  • Very interesting !

  • Welcome jonnybinrogered.I told you this site was full of information!


  • Cheers king of the cocktails :)

  • Hi cheers glad you found my post informative :)

  • You are right, it is interesting. I hope it helps. x

  • Hi toci cheers :)

  • Very interesting - always interesting to hear what different health professionals say. Hope it all helps you xx

  • Hi tadaw cheers hope so .. Cheers all the best :)

  • Hi Daz - don't get the last paragraph at all - not sure what she's on about. Many bronchiectatics are on nebbed hypertonic - was it nebulised she was talking about when she said 'addictive'?

    love cx

  • Yer am on nebulised hypertonic GP said he could not prescribe it to me .. And thats what nurse said to me

  • So do they prescribe saline 0.9% then Daz? Hypertonic is on my repeat prescription and so is saline 0.9. I don't use hypertonic all the time, but I will use one or the other after nebulising a bronchodilator and before doing pysiotherapy.

    Hope your consultant sorts this out for you on your next consultation.


  • Ye my lung specialist had wrote to them telling them not to interfere with meds he prescribed

  • hi dazisnotsogood im abit confused and feel frustrated for you did she help you at all?maybe ive not understood properly?ihope you have appt soon with your consultant to help with your issues.Janexx

  • Hi the only nebulised stuff i take is 7% hypertonic saline don't take any other normal saline lung specialist said is useless at clearing my lungs.

    Nurse i found was tad more interested than GP that sod did not do oxy finger test or my blood pressure ... But GP will not get away with it next time :)

  • Never think you are a drama queen, Daz, just because you want information. Knowledge is power and we all need it! It sounds like the copd nurse was taking you seriously - hope you get to the bottom of it. jean

  • Hi tress thanks a was quite surprised ... She was more intrested than GP

    Cheers thanks all the best :)

  • Hi Daz

    I have been reading your blogs and questions, very interesting visit indeed.

    I have Boullus Emphysema however I have never heard of your emphysemious bullea. Both seam very similar with regards to Boullus/Bullea meaning balloon/bubble in lung.

    Hope everything is working out for you.

    Keep well.

    David 1968.

  • Hi david 1968 hi cheers yep been looking into cause emphysematous bullea and its all tad much really with not being a lung expert

    A feel like whipping it out and having a look my self at what is going on .

    In process of getting my CTScan results as a need technical terms radalogagist Use ..?

    Anyway cheers all the best :)

  • Hi carrotts cheers sorry about your headache

  • no worries part and parcel of bad lungs Bernice,

  • yea good reading depressing though, I did see the bit about shaking, it says carbon dioxide retention, possible at night while you are sleeping.


  • talk to GP and get oxygen at night

  • Hi rich have checked sats with oxy meter .. When i woke up and all fine

    Was reading about blood sugar Well hope its just that

    Cheers all the best :)

  • I get the 'Belly winding me when I bend down' too Daz, I was thinking it was caused by a hernia, I got an 'Umbilical Hernia' through violent coughing but suspect I may have a Hiatus one too putting pressure on the diaphragm.

    Must get it checked out but I avoid seeing the doctor as I always come away with more than I went in with!

    If you get a diagnosis let us all know, eh ?

  • Hi dukes a dont think it is hernia think its just my bullae well hope it is .. Had ct scan at hight of symptoms and nothing was said after scan

  • I couldn't say for sure, carrotts, but I would imagine that any swelling in the stomach area must cause discomfort.

    I am an ex mechanic and can only imagine what is going on as if it were applied to a car.

    Like a lot of others on here I get a lot of bloating which doesn't help the breathing much either.

    i will ask the Doc when I see her next, but she will only refer me to hospital again.

    Keep smiling, Brian

  • Strange how some nurses or doctors want to change our meds without knowing any of our background history.

    I had a doc wanting to take me off thyroid meds last year. Luckily she realised that would have been a terrible mistake before the appointment was over. She actually looked at previous blood test results. If I had simply accepted her new completely idiotic and bizarre idea without reacting as i did, I'd have become seriously ill again.

    You get the feeling half of the medical profession are amateurs, or "not all there"

    Good luck with everything.


  • Agree with you there koala cheers all the best

  • Dear Daz. Your post is a brilliant example of asking questions, and insisting on answers. We have to be stubborn to get info we need.

    I also agree with Koala, some Medics are 'not all there'.

    Our weapon to fight this condition is 'knowledge' so keep collecting it.

    Also see BLF leaflets etc. They are superb., they can help your family too.

    Love Val

  • Cheers valcopd :)

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