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Hi not sure if you remember but i was going to see how i got on with dropping my seretide 500 from twice a day to once a day because of some side effects has i did not seem to get breathles when doing exercise.

That was august 13 last month and i still feel ok even better believe it or not no pains cramp or huskey voise and my GP did say to try it and see how i go,, but i know its still early days

So what i was trying to say at the time was i think i only need maybe 250 seretide twice a day at the moment (if that) has i know we need to take advise and help from our GPs but we do sometimes know our own bodys has well.

I know i will need a stronger med later in my life but why take now if you dont need it and i have enquired about do the meds im on do they help stop infections and was told its more to open your airwaves to help you breath better and is a preventer (think peoples views on this may difa)

I know the winter is comming so a bit worried about that but will see how i get on and i am going to try get another spirometry test has last jan i was 62% funtion moderate COPD

have not smoked since then and go to the gym 2-3 times a week.

I know this keeps getting said but any new people who have just come on this site and worried because they have been told they have COPD if you smoke STOP right now and keep active you will feel better not cured but feel better after a while.

I dont want to upset or worry anyone but i am just saying on this post how i am doing and not saying people with COPD should do the same has me

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Hi I dropped mine from seretide 500 to seretide 250 as my ankles started to swell, like you I go to the gym twice a week missed it these last two weeks as I have been on hols an forgot to bring my trainers with me if I had I could have used the gym here I'm in Turkey back home to blighty tomorrow, lol xx

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bliss2 i would love to be there now in turkey bet the weather is nice but have booked 2 weeks tenerife in january bit of winter sun just worried about the 4 hour flight but breathing been ok


Just drink lots of water that's what I've done though I have had the odd gin an tonic you will be fine have a lovely time in Tenerife xxx


Holiday, holidays everybody keeps going on holidays! You lucky people. Sun ,sea and sangria music


Your daily tonic


I am on Seretide 500 twice a day too and my voice gets husky or goes all together. I did try once a day but I got breathless quicker than usual so back to twice. I am dreading winter if I go out when its cold I am gasping after a few steps and lately when flat on my back I start to struggle for breath. I used to be a Karate instructor and trained 6 days a week since my combination of ills have got worse going up stairs or shopping is as much exercise I can do.

I agree that we do know our own bodies and we can tell a lot of the time what we can and cannot do. I only wish I could second guess when this would be.


Hi music, well done you. I think you are right, we know how we feel. It is great that you can reduce your medication and be fine. If you are not well for a while, you will be able to take more medication. Brilliant! Keep going. :-) :-) Alison

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I too was on seretide 500 and had oral thrush,mouth ulcers,sore throat and kept losing my voice.I finally managed to get an appointment with my GP,turned out to be a locum,what an absolute blessing,she said the S 500 was too strong for me and put me on back on S250.she also sorted out my migraine attacks.(have to drink more water,less coffee).And I too agree Music,we know better than anyone,how we feel.x

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