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It's all change

Having one of those nights where, sleep and I are moving further and further apart. Got lots on my mind and looking forward to a rather interesting committee meeting this evening. The joys of being a trustee. I do ask myself why I do it, but then looking at wee Lotbots by my side it is for the likes of her kind and other furries, so I continue to volunteer. So back to to the title of this blog, it's all change!

Went to my GP a couple of weeks ago because I have been feeling unwell for some time. Poor ole Doc looked at me when I said I felt unwell, because I am pretty much always "my unwell," explained that this was a different unwell, so we discussed a few things, and decided that a blood test for diabetes was in order. I was close to it nearly a year ago and have been taking medication in the hope that we would stave off full blown diabetes, unfortunately the results came back that I am now type 2 diabetic. 30 years of swallowing steriods has taken its toll.

Met up with the practice nurse who deals with the likes of me last week, who just sat in front of me and said I know you are an expert patient but how much do you know about diabetes. Well for once, I wasn't the expert. She was lovely, said that some people really do have more than their fair share of health problems, and she was really sorry that I have yet another health problem to complicate life. To be honest my time with this lovely lady was a refreshing change, because sometimes having complicating and complex health issues can be so isolating, but here I was chatting with someone who not only knew her stuff, but was willing to understand that I was going to struggle with yet another medical condition.

I love food, and really love sweet stuff (worse so when on high dose steriods, cravings are awful), so diet management is going to be tough for me. More so when I go back to my degree studies because when I am stressed I tend to munch chocolate and sweets. So where some of you guys have struggled to give up the "weed," I am battling with the sugar demons right now. And so far I am winning! Keeping a food diary and trying to view food in a different way. I am actually winning, have found some low fat alternatives and taking time to savour food rather than just ramming it down my neck. Have been warned that with taking regular daily doses of 20 mg of Prednislone that even with diet and daily tablets that my sugar levels are never going to be ideal but not to worry too much as they will do their best to support me along this new path that I have to travel. Have also mentioned that I am going to have a stab at losing a stone, have been advised that increasing my exercise should help, have explained that with my breathing problems that I cannot keep a regular brisk pace for an extended length of time, so advised to just keep toddling along for the time being.

Lottie is a great incentive to go for a toddle, toddle we do she wanders and mooches and I follow chatting along the way with fellow doggy walkers. I don't tend to walk with them much because many don't realise about my breathing difficulties, but yesterday I had a new little problem to deal with, but a fab one. I am now looking after another wee daxie one day a week for time being. Lottie and I have the pleasure of walking Ruby a minnie black and tan smooth daxie. And boy does she walk fast, but she is great fun. Ruby is coming to stay at the end of October for a holiday while her daddy goes away and I am hoping than Ruby will become my new secret weapon in losing weight and keeping going. Don't get me wrong Lottie does a brilliant job but she totally understands me so I have a lot of lee way with her and we amble along together in our own fashion. With Ruby I am going to be kept on my toes and busy have we have a lot to learn together, so no time to feel sorry for myself. Yes I am now diabetic and do have to make lifestyle changes, but I have my secret weapon, my love of furries and in particular daxies to get me through.

Thanks for reading to the end of this blog, I know it is a long one, love you all xxxxx

Daxiemad and Lotbots

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Sorry about the diabetes on top of your other problems. Sure you will manage to control it with your positive, determined attitude which shines through in your post. Hope you soon feel a little better Joyce


Oh dear, Daxie - another problem but I am confident you will apply your positive attitude to it. I would like to say if you are on Metformin for your diabetes, that i have heard that it is possible that you can have a weight loss. Dont take this as fact, though.

I am confident that you will learn to bear with diabetes, and it will blend in with everything else. You have the right attitude all around.

Lottie is great support with back up from Ruby. I love your positive attitude towards everything, Daxie. All the best Annieseedxx


Sorry to hear about the diabetes - but you sound as if you have it in hand! I am sure that you will be able to deal with this as you have others. I love daxies - we had them when I was a child - Thimble and Chippy. Such charming dogs with such characters I can imagine that Lottie would be a fantastic help. Good Luck - Onwards and Upwards TAD xx


Your a fighter Daxiemad, and I am sure you will battle this too. x


Hey Daxiemad, good to hear from you again after what seems to be ages to me. Sorry to hear about the diabetes, life is so horrible at times, but you certainly do have a very positive attitude which will help you get through this. You and Lottie will be happily trotting on and with Ruby in tow sometimes, you will get your exercise. Good luck with the weight loss too of course, you can do it! I have lost 3 stone myself because of our lovely grandson. Not much good to him if I can't play or carry him around. Pete also has many health issues, and his latest is sciatica that has caused him terrible pain and distress. He will be having an MRI scan tomorrow to see what is going on.

I do wish you well and hope to hear how the exercise plan is going. Take things steady and good luck to you. Lots of love, Carole xxxxx


Hi Daxiemad, it is great to hear from you again as i love hearing about you and your furries. Very sorry to hear about the diabetes though and wish you well with its management. I am concerned about prednisolone as I have been told I will need to be on it very, very long term. As i also have hypothyroidism I am very concerned about lng term weight issues. Osteoporosis is also a consideration for me because of my age and i hadn't even thought about diabetes. Thank you for the warning. I think Ruby sounds like a great friend for you and Lottie so i wish you all well. My furry news is that Ralph (Jack Russell) fights the young chickens for their vegetable treats and he and Ivan (young cockerel) play chasing games. Ralph always had his nose pressed up against the small cage the chicks were in from a day old so they have always pecked his nose. This has not changed as they have grown into free rangers. If he steals too much theypeck his nose. It is all very entertaining to watch. Good luck Daxiemad and furries. :-) :-) Alison


Now then Lotbots, listen to me, don't you let that Ruby run riot. You keep her under control.Nice to see you back on the site Lotbuts from your friend Badger.


Your daily tonic


Hi Daxie, so sorry about the diabetes diagnosis, but what a wonderful blog post you write, I love your stories of the little daxies and I am sure you and lotbot are going to enjoy having Ruby come visit with you. :) Ruby sounds like a wonderful little live wire :)

You must share some of your alternative sugar fixes when you have the time.

Best wishes BC


Lovely to hear from you again Daxie.Sorry to hear about the diabetes though,but being such a positive person,that you are,I'm sure you will deal with it.Ruby sounds as though she will ensure you have the exercise!

Good on you,for fighting the sugar war,I appreciate it would be hard.Hopefully,there might be some nice treats,to replace the munches with.

Best of luck with it all, xxx


Hi Daxiemad,

Sorry to hear about the diabetes; this has recently happened to me. After 9 years plus of Asthma & COPD, Hypothyroidism, mild/borderline bronchiectasis & Lung cancer earlier in the year, I felt devastated by a further health problem, even although the diabetes type 2 is mild. I managed to shed 6lbs but I am now back on 40mg Steroids + antibiotics a day & guess what the weight is creeping back on. I have stuck to the diet but I am HUNGRY! do you know if we can have Ricola swiss herbal sweets, sugar free but sweetend with Stevia plant extract?

We do cope though, I do a weekly COPD exercise group & a movement to music group. I find it hard to walk far in this weather but when the chest clears I do walk a mile a day. I used to go swimming but found this very exhausting. The movement by other swimmers buffeted me about & I didn't seem to have the strength to hold my course. Anyone else find this? I would like to go again because I think it is the best chest exercise there is. I am 70 soon & gave up part time work last week. feeling a bit at a loose end.

Best Wishes with it all x


Sorry about the Diabetes, but what a super post.


Hi Dax, what a beautifully written and interesting post, I was sorry when it ended :-) I hope your diabetes is under control before long and you are feeling better for it. Sadie xx


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