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My husband was rtold he had cancer of the kidney. Had lots of tests. We waited 7 month for him to have operation and stressful was the word. He had op in August and went for ct scan last week. we received letter on Friday which said it was not cancer and was a lumpy tissue. Relieved and thankful does not cover it but we have been through last 7 months of agony. Plus to get it in a letter. We remember at time asking Consultant, was it cancer................... oh yes he said............... without a doubt. I asked him if he could do biosby and he said no as it was cancer

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  • That is good news, but not great about what you both have suffered the last 7 months

  • Awe thank you so much chellshock. Yes it has been a rough ride thats for sure but with a good outcome and I have to take that

  • Good news is always welcomed :) xx

  • Look forward to the future now after your good news


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Thank you King. Thank you for your jokes by the way

  • You're welcome

  • What a fantastic letter to receive ! What a nightmare to get there. Wishing you both the very best TAD x x x

  • Thank you Tadaw. I think when Consultant got results he must have thought to himself..... oh oh and that's why he sent a letter so that he could hide behind it.

  • Wonderful news that its not cancer. But how insensitive putting it in a letter stupid people some of these doctors have about much personality as a wet mop. But focus on the positive.

    Kim xxxx

  • Thank you Kimmy. Wet mop made me smile

  • Ah twinks, great news, but 7 months of hell must have taken its toll, cuddles to you and hubby x x x

  • Many thanks Medow and hope you are keeping well and warm in this cold weather

  • I find it difficult to understand why any suspected cancer should take 7 months to investigate. It s inhuman and potentially dangerous. What a relief for you both. Good luck and take care both of you. :-) Alison

  • Exactly Alison to wait 7 months despite phone calls to chase them up, we were left in limbo and cant help imagination going for a walk............ i.e. will cancer spread due to taking so long? To take something good from it..... if he didn't think it was cancer then have no doubt that they wouldn't have operated and lumpy tissue may have caused problems in future

  • An apology from the consultant - in your dreams!!

  • No chance of that Annie and that's why he sent letter no doubt

  • Glad your news was so good - sorry your doctor was so poor.

  • Thank you Toci.

  • Wonderful news,happy for you both.So sad you had 7 months of hell though.I would be reporting that Doc.though,maybe it might help his next victim,they are always accountable to someone higher than themselves remember!!

    Anyyway,get on & enjoy life now!

    Love Wendells xxx

  • We will contact him once we let this all sink in

  • OMG how utterly stressful for you both. So delighted the outcome was so much happier. Enjoy yourselves without that stress now hun.

    Love cx

  • Awe thank you cofdrop. Now I want my doctor to write to me and say they got it all wrong about my COPD. * smiles* I can dream

  • Wonderful news but shocking that you had months of agony!

  • Thank you Mocarey. Chris was told after his heart op in February then I was diagnosed with COPD in July. I remember asking nurse who did spirometry test if stress could give me a bad reading as came up as 73%. He didn't have op till August.

  • Wonderfully news Twinks. But what an awful journey to get there. That con needs complaining about.

    Now you can look forward, all the very best to you both xxx

  • Just glad they didn't whip his kidney out Peeg

  • Quite twinks... :-) :-) Alison

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