Injection done! Thanks to all those that were very reassuring when I was being wimpy about the hip injection!

It was, as you said, nothing. And hurray, seemed to have a pretty quick effect. Since yesterday morning I have walked the dogs three times, further, faster and uphill! Now for the first time stopping every now and then because breathless as before I could only go for such little walks the breathlessness never kicked in.

Also picked 2Kg elderberries whilst I was out, now destalked and in the freezer ... elderberry wine and perhaps some syrup I think. I love doing those autumn 'preserves, pickles and chutneys', not done wine for years, but have been given demi johns by a friend so brewing time is here.

Hope you are all as well as poss, and getting out and about if you can. Weather is closing in fast here, wind up and about to chuck it down I think ... so now going to check out the TV.

All the best

Beth xx

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  • Glad the injection was ok and it seems to have really worked. It's wonderful that you could walk the dogs 3 times, I was hoping to get one little walk but wasn't up to it. Could maybe have managed today but it's chucking it down here in Scotland and strong winds too. M

  • thank you Mo

    May have overdone it a bit .... not very good at pacing myself, now feeling a bit done in

    Weather pretty grim here down South too

  • Hi Beth so pleased all went well.

    Keep warm, keep happy.

    Best wishes BC

  • Thanks BC

    Take care


  • Glad the jab was successful - here's to many more walks.

    love cx

  • Thanks!

    Hope so cofdrop, if I have the energy I may try out the seriously wet weather gear for a short stroll round the field later this evening .... hmmmm may decide to stay in tho', not sure where the water proff trousers are and its 'stair rods' here at the mo.

    Take care


  • good news, well done you but TAKE IT EASY!!

  • Hi Peeg

    Thanks ... and yes, I'm not great at doing things in moderation ...tend to either do too much or do nothing at all. Silly I know.

  • Mind you don't tire the dogs out too much.I bet they love it.Beth


  • hello,glad pain free jab,said it was,go have another lol,bernice

  • cheers .... absolutely right

    thanks .... xx

  • Hello Beth,

    Good for you, very pleased you are walking the dogs - close to my own heart. Tell me please, which injection? For what? I think I must have lost a loop somewhere. Keep it up, thanks. Diana

  • Hi Fradgie

    It was cortisone and painkiller into hips for osteoarthritis and associated pain. I've been struggling for ages with painkillers not working and getting more and more 'limpy', now racing about ...(well not quite), but much more mobile and next to no pain.


  • Hi Beth,good on you! Conquered your fears,& out walking,sounds good to me!

    Keep warm though,& don't overdo it,to quickly! xxx

  • Hi Wendells

    Yes... made a bit of fuss about nothing it would seem, as for overdoing it, well may have done so a bit. Have put the brakes on a bit today

    Thanks for the reply

    Beth xx

  • glad it all went well and was succesfull no stopping you now


  • I'm pleased it went well for you i'm still waiting for my injection but our hospital is in such a mess can't see me getting one before November

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