Goodwood yesterday

Goodwood yesterday

We went to the Goodwood Revival yesterday - all dressed up. Because my consultant has stopped all my useful medication whilst they do tests to discover what has made me worse I get very breathless. I took the plunge and booked a mobility scooter for use there. It was brilliant I was whizzing around so much I used the battery up in the first one and had to get it replaced! My husband first of all thought it was a liability but then loved the fact there were superb viewing platforms I could access. We go every year but usually I hardly go anywhere. This year I saw parts of the course I've never been to before. The photo if it is there is just after I had bought a beautifully soft blanket. My husband thought I should have it wrapped round my knees to make me look really old and decrepit! Elder daughter"s comment "you look ridiculous ". I am not going to Duxford today with my husband even though the weather is nice.


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You look great and so pleased you enjoyed yourself. It is a lovely place to be and beautiful views. Pete and I have been before but not to Goodwood Revival. Well done you. Carole xxxx

You look fantastic! Don't listen to a word your eldest daughter says - she's putting you down and you certainly don't need that sh*t, grrr, life's hard enough.


Great! Good for you! Have a good day out today x x

Glad you had a good day Judith. I have family in Chichester and my Dad used to go to Goodwood when we were kids. He loved it. I loved Chichester. We come from Scotland and the summers we spent down south were super!

You look great Judith, so please you had a great day too :)

Best wishes BC x

You look fantastic with that cheeky grin Judith


Your daily humour tonic

You do NOT look ridiculous, you look fantastic! Always wanted to visit Goodwood but my husband can't walk well so haven't made it yet. Did you hire the scooter there - may need to try that next year? Glad you enjoyed your day. Shame you missed Duxford.

I hired it from shopmobility who do it for Goodwood. If you p,an to go book it when you boom the tickets. £25 hire and £10 refundable cost on the day. I had the best time ever and we have been going for over 5 years. Look on the FAQs re disabled visitors. Duxford is near us and the triumph day is on every year. I only go when I feel like it so not really worried about missing it.

Turandot and Rush this week to see.


What a lovely happy photo Judith, so pleased that you had a good day. Heather.

What a beautiful photo of a beautiful lady.Please don't listen to your ungrateful daughter! She should be very proud.

I remember Goodwood very well,after growing up in Felpham,& often going with family,to the Goodwood races.

Glad to see you're enjoying life xxx

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