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Thats it i have a headache between finger clubing asbestos smoking eating butter and peanuts and PGE2 / arachidonic acid (Omega 6)

Am well confused .. Why would cigerate manafacuters use arachidonic acid (Omega 6) in there fags and is there any wonder why we are addicted

Looks like there might be a lot to answer ?

Anyway its all very confusing so am going to ask BLF whats the story on arachidonic acid (Omega 6) PGE2 and over dosing on peanuts buter or beer especially as am on anti inflamarty drugs

Thats with out mentioning NSAIDs ... Asprin a knew about and ulcers but others is quite intresting

Esp the smoking one .... Have you heard out BLF about arachidonic acid :p

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hello,finger clubbing is part due to asbestos,didnt no about the others ,bernice

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Hi Daz, not wanting to worry you further but there is a very long list of toxins in cigarettes, really really bad uns... those below are just a few!!!!

from cancer research:

This page has more information on the various poisons in cigarette smoke. You can also read about where these come from and how concentrated they actually are.

Cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke

Tar - a mixture of dangerous chemicals

Arsenic - used in wood preservatives

Benzene - an industrial solvent, refined from crude oil

Cadmium - used in batteries

Formaldehyde - used in mortuaries and paint manufacturing

Polonium-210 - a highly radioactive element

Chromium - used to manufacture dye, paints and alloys

1,3-Butadiene - used in rubber manufacturing

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - a group of dangerous DNA-damaging chemicals

Nitrosamines - another group of DNA-damaging chemicals

Acrolein - formerly used as a chemical weapon

Other chemicals

Other poisons in cigarette smoke

Hydrogen cyanide - used as an industrial pesticide

Carbon monoxide - found in car exhausts and used in chemicals manufacturing

Nitrogen oxides - a major component of smog

Ammonia - used to make fertilisers and explosives

More poisons


Check out BLf's pdf document on cannabis, its not pretty, you can view from this page link:


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hello god help us feel like od ,bernice


Hi BlakeyC yep is all very bad .. But i know why thay say you should stop smoking if you have lung condition and already cooked ya beanz

I thought thay was just laying it on but no is grim

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Hi all my post started out as something quite innocent ..

Like your GP or lung specialist shaking your hand i was nieve thinking it was out of friendliness but no its not ... But now a know why he kept looking at my hand

But if its any conciliation drinkers to are as much risk as smokers

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Defo agree with you there .. Cheers an try have good night all the best

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night was good thanks,had music on for a while,celine d,of to work now,good day to all and yourself,bernice,



Finger clubbing is a symptom of sjogren's syndrome and I suspect possibly some other auto-immune diseases which can cause lung fibrosis.

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Hi cheers maggie44 yes there is quite a few like you say

Cheers all the best :)


Let us know the BLF answers

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It don't look like thay are :O

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