What record reminds you of your first love/sweetheart?.........................KOTC

.................What song reminds you of your first love or sweetheart ?

Mine was 'Please don't tease' by Cliff Richard and it has stuck with me to this day.( I am still being teased)



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  • Buddy Holly Do you remember baby last September xx

  • this one when my first love dumped me rofl.

  • When I held you tight each and every night. Oh newlands, if only!

  • It might as rain until September by Carole King

  • And Bryan Hyland. It's raining in my heart be cause I belong to you! Mocary

  • Jimmy Young and They Try to Tell Us We're Too Young - and "they" were right!!!!!!!

  • Oh !?!?!? wowsa

  • House of the Rising Sun - Animals. It was my favourite song at the time and he learned to play it for me. Sweet memories.

  • Everyone should put the U Tube link on so we can all have a listen. x x Ros x x

  • The Animals

  • The ruin of many poor boy. Oh yes Toci

  • Fats Domino, Blueberry Hill

  • Did you find your thrill on !!!!!! dhio

  • Mine was 'it started with a kiss' by Hot Chocolate. I didnt' meet him in the 70's but it was on his CD player. Saw him the other week first time in 22 years!

  • That's so sweet. Was he as you remembered him, even if not in looks MarieW-F ?

  • He looked fairly similar. Less hair and a little heavier. Was good to catch up.

  • Dance, ballerina, dance, I have never forgotten my first love, although I have a good marriage 55 years on, love Annie xx

  • Can you still dance like a ballerina annieseed. I will never forget my first love although she is no longer with her.I am still friends with her daughter

  • I dance like an animated buggy after 6 bottles vodka!!!!

  • Ha ha ha ha,sometimes you've just got to laugh annieseed

  • Annie, I have great admiration for anyone who can survive six bottles of vodka, never mind still dance!

  • Please don't try it Toci. It's not a competition

  • Mine was 'When I fall in love,' by Nat King Cole. Another great King - Happy birthday KOTC.

  • Was it forever? letys. Thank you for the birthday greetings

  • 55yrs last March kotc, and still going strong, a bit like Mary Hopkins' song...'Those were the days my friend,' another favourite of ours.

  • You'll never walk alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers.

  • And did you walk alone warwickstag ?

  • Yes, about 2 hours after I told her I loved her, and she walked off with the record as I couldn't stand to hear it afterwards.

  • Oh dear, broken hearted!

  • Not my first love but my first breakup - 'My Sentimental Friend' by Hermans Hermits - still remember the lyrics.

  • Breaking up is always hard. I should know, many tears were shed undine.

  • 1970's....Your Song by Elton John. We married soon after - No, not me and Elton, his name was Paul.! ..'.I hope you don't mind that I put down in words...how wonderful life is while you're in the world' :)

    Lovelight x

  • Elton is on the box Friday night. Might bring back memories! lovelight

  • Heard it through the grapevine eons ago but Orinico Flow by Enya is a snugly for my current husband and i. Hehehe. :-) :-) Alison

  • Snuggles !

  • Young girl. Because I told a tiny fib to my then boyfriend now Mr Grumpy that I was 16when I was only 15.

  • You little fibber you nanaber

  • What can I say KOTC I was young and in love ah they were the days :)

  • Those True Love Ways!

  • That was my song for my husband when we were going out. His mate used to sing that because he was 7 years older than me but somehow nowadays that 7 years doesn't seem very much.

  • Your so right everything has changed so much. I dare to say not everything has changed for the better.

  • What's 7 years when you're in love? Mocarey

  • Sweet sixteen pretty queen loved to date Mr Grumpy

  • For me it has to be "The sunshine of your smile". First recorded by John McCormack in 1916. I prefer the 1980 one by Mike Berry simply because of the better sound quality. Beautiful words whichever version you listen to.


  • I don't expect you were around for the 1916 release,HEE Hee Bobby

  • Of course I was Richard. lol It's from the days when emotions could be expressed without you being thought weak. A different age. a different world. Sadly gone now.


  • Ben by Michael Jackson,got proposed too after watching the film,still his rat after 34 yrs lol :)

  • 34years,and it don't seem a day to long Eh? poeticlady

  • Mine was Dave Berry , The Crying Game. How could she ditch me when I was so young. The heart ache, the pain. Too young to get drunk, too old to suck my thumb. The bitch. Last time I let her help me with my homework.

  • And yet she was really so loving and caring in your eyes CornishBrian

  • She could may me week at the knees with one look from her big brown eyes. Didn't know they were cows eyes. Until then, she could have had the skin off my rice pudding anyway.

  • Even cows can be cuddly

  • 'Te Amo' by Frankie Laine still rings a few bells, funny how you remember things from so long ago, but not what you had for lunch. I can still remember all of the words as if it were yesterday!

  • Can you remember who the sweetheart was dukes ?

  • How could I forget, King? But sadly it was followed by 'Only the lonely' by the 'Big O' !

  • I remember that one well and I did feel lonely.

  • Yeah, 'Love Hurts' all right, but we both survived didn't we?

  • My record was LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND., It was the first dance i had with my wife that was when we both were serving in THE ROYAL AIRFORCE IN 1950/51 in HENLOW,. That brings back lots of good memories and we still say there goes OUR song if we hear it on the radio sometimes

    cheers all

  • Straight from your heart silverjohn

  • Pat Boone

    Love letters in the sand


  • The Smoothie,superb thatcham1939

  • snap

  • Do you know what?! A lot of us must have grown up in the 60s and be in the same age group, because an awful lot of these songs people are mentioning I can relate to,and they bring back so many memories.!Behind a Painted Smile is another one of my memorable songs, loads of motown, wonderful years they were. Rod Stewart and This old heart of Mine, The Drifters, Some kind of Wonderful. The list is endless. Todays music isn't as good or romantic as they were. Bring back the 60s, and early 70s I say.!!

  • Here, here, sheepdog. :-) :-) Alison

  • Were you a flirt as well Alison? And there's me thinking.........oh well never mind.

  • Well, king. It's because the "First Cut is the Deepest". This always made me cry - i was badly hurt. :-) :-) Alison

  • I think a lot of us were 'cut up' after our first love.Alison

  • You were a proper cry baby bernice

  • You were a bit of a flirt if all those songs reminded you of a sweetheart? sheepdog

  • I had fun! But clean fun, and fell in love very easily in those days of the 60s. Music had a great impact on everything.

  • Very true sheepdog

  • If its one song I need to give that reminds me of a sweetheart then it has to be 'Some kind of Wonderful' by the Drifters. I get flutters when I hear it.

  • Were you Drifting?

  • lol, yes, I was always drifting! and fluttering, but that song seriously was a biggy.

  • "It might as well rain until September" by Carol King I think? It was playing through the radio on the coach back from Blackpool! I was 17 at the time.

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