A to Z of Dangerous trades and social legal aspects of industrial occupations affecting peoples health

Yep thats what am talking about :O

The field of dangerous trades occupations diseases is a very wide one encompassing all known trades and associated diseases. The launge as been kept as free as possible from all technicalities.


This document is of extreme value to those who work in the medical profession ..... and whos practice brings them into contact with the working classes but all so the professional classes factory owners.


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  • hello,thank you for the clips,shows what we have been exposed to for decades,without us knowing,makes you wonder if smoking is the least of it,as many with copd were not heavy smokers but seems smoking is easier blamed then the others ,there is a article now on soldiars returning being tested for lung disease,would have thought with all the fighting and trying to stay alive they wouldn't have the time to sit and smoke,so not all smoking but its easier saying you smoked,bernice

  • Defo agree with you there .. Only thing my lung specilist went on about was my smoking .. Even asked where did i get that i coughed up from .. Like really but you are right

    Cheers all the best :)

  • hello.yesnot all smoking,as for lung man next time he asks were you got what you coughed up from say/ asda get 1 buy 1 free,bernice

  • A sould of but was suffing from shock and awe like really :O

  • hello sorry if it upset you wasn't meant to ,bernice

  • Hi ye know it was daft statement me lung specialist comes out with ... But saying that are all professors mad anyway :)

  • hello glad no illfeeling,and yes all are mad ,take the stem cell burger at the cost god truly mad there,bernice;)

  • Could think of better use of stem cells like in me lung than a burger but as we surspect just mad

  • yes the list is endless,there probably is a data base with listings of all hazards ,all grim as you say,just have to make the most of what we have now,never liked burgers anyway.stay as well as we can and you ,Bernice :)

  • People who work in the chemical industries don't know the long term effect it will have on there health. I worked in the foam industry once, and they use a chemical T.D.I. and that can give you cancer if you are exposed to it.

  • Hi cheers thanks for comment :)

  • Printers (inks and fluids), Potters, (clay and glazes dust), Bakers (flour), dry cleaning fluids, there are so many Daz

  • Just to many ... Quite grim really

  • I think most are probably exposed to several lung damaging agents throughout our lives, add smoking to the list.....

  • City's suck really just glad a don't live nr airport

  • Hi Daz

    Im a chemistry teacher and an ex smoker... exposed to bromine gas, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, particulates (soot in the air) and high levels of carbon monoxide .... in fact when I was going to the smoking cessation sessions and was tested for carbon monoxide .... I showed levels equal to a moderate smoker, even tho I had by then stopped, just because the kids had had Bunsens on that day.

    I don't suppose this helped but for me I know smoking was the cause

    I know there is a lot of documented evidence and probably even more undocumented info for a lot of the trades.

    It wouldn't be hard for there to be a National data base of those with Lung disease linked to occupations to be produced ... that would make interesting reading I am sure ...... dont imagine it will be done

    Maybe a project for the BLF?

    Keep as well as pos

    Beth x

  • Hi cheers a would not be surprised if there is all ready a data base ... A would say like others medical profession do tend to blame smoking for ills ... But not as much as industry ... I was surprised to find out shipping co2 is higher than all the planes nocking about and cars ... But you don't read about that

    Cheers thanks all the best :)

  • you never read about most hazards until its to late,then you get read the simplest one cigarettes by the med profession,bernice,

  • Totally agree

  • others will agree to disagree,bernice

  • Its way of the world .. Suppose its one of the things that makes us unique :)

  • yes it does ,of shopping now as im so unique I live on my own,have a good day,bernice

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