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Health and Wellbeing Strategy.........................KOTC

Health And Wellbeing |Strategy for Nottinghamshire 2014-2016 Consultation event

Yesterday I was invited to attend the above meeting.

*We were welcomed by Councillor Muriel Weisz

Health and Wellbeing Board:-

The role of the Health and Wellbeing Board.

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy and what it means for Nottinghamshire.

*Cathy Quinn

Associate Director of Public Health

Nottinghamshire County Council:-

How it has been prepared to address local health and well being needs.

*John Robinson

Chief Executive, Gedling Borough Council.

How will the Strategy fit with local council services?

* Sam Walters

Chief Operating Officer , NHS Nottingham North and East Clinical Commissioning Group:-

What impact will the Strategy have on health services?

* Joe Pidgeon,

Chief Executive Healthwatch Nottinghamshire:-

What the Strategy means to local people & how Healthwatch Nottinghamshire will support it.

I can't go into all the details of their speeches but the overall outcome I felt was how good it is that all these various organisations are coming together as one in the interest of local people.

The questions I were able to put ;-

Could more nurses attend patients with a long term condition on a regular basis, as it has been proven that self help home management does not work?. All people have different requirements and a universal programme does not work the same for everyone.

When assessments are made questions should be asked of a patient, not only what are they capable of doing but what do they feel like when they have done it. Yes they might be able to climb the stairs but how long does it take and what is their condition when they reach the top of the stairs?

Children who suffer with certain conditions should be allowed to attend main stream schools under health guidance .They should not be denied an education.

Nottingham is renowned for it's respiratory research, will this be maintained?

I got a favourable response to each question and a lot of debate was given to them.

This was one of the best meetings that I had been invited to attend, and yes they all listened to a layman.

At last there is a community spirit emerging!


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Good for you, Your Majesty. More power to your elbow! :)


Every little helps as they say Toci. It reminds them that we are out here and do not intend to be ignored.


Hi, I live in North Notts so I would like to thank you for all your help.

Next Breathe Easy meeting...this Thursday at 1.00pm... Miners Welfare Hall, Worksop


Enjoy your meeting, I can't come to this one but maybe one day! knitter


Thank you for the information king. It gives me hope to hear that some areas might have people prepared to listen to us the chronically ill public. Good questions from you, if i might say, king. :-) :-) Alison


They are listening and they are doing, which I think is marvellous Alison


Did they curtesy to you King??lol!

Good on you,for asking the right questions,hope you get a follow up of it xxx


But of course Wendells, they would not insult the King.


Well done KOTC and a Happy Birthday again - enjoy your day. Nice to know these people listened let us hope listening progresses to action, especially re the on going nurses visits and self help management - it is easy to say you should do this and that and that yes sometimes you can but, big but as I have found with looking after Mum now despite my best intentions I find it really hard to get my daily intake of oxygen and usually now only manage 9hours instead of 12 to 14 - vicious circle less energy to take care of Mum so everything takes longer = less time on machine - oh well - anyway well done again xx


Thanks undine


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