Another trip to the hospital,,,

Well i had my appointment early this morning with Dr Docherty my pulmonary doc for the results of xrays and heart scans,,good news that all where clear, heart of a teenager,,wish i could walk like one,,and x,rays clear as a bell,,so they have decided that my breathing problems are caused by me having rhumatoid arthritus,,and emphysema,,,so life carries on as normal, well as normal as i can make it,,carry on with the inhalers and go back in 6 months,,,luckily i see Dr Helliwell at the end of the month so maybe he will explain what is going on re the rhumatoid and breathing,,,,does anybody else suffer this problem?

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  • Sorry my husband just has severe Copd. Good news re: tests such a relief. Take care and hope breathing improves. Love TAD x x

  • Good news about your heart. Sorry about the other probs. Keep smiling! M

  • Hi chrissie53,keep smiling as normal!


    Your daily tonic

  • Hi some mediction makes breaking very bad, I took myself off Humira and my breaking improved

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