Sucking a sweet when attempting task requiring excertion

Morning everyone and greetings to all sufferers,

My OH has IPF, (the don't know how it got there kind) and until today has been completely Knackered doing any jobs requiring effort, like taking the bin to the top of the drive, drilling to put screw in brick wall etc.This morning on the way to collect said wheelie bin, he popped a peppermint in his mouth,walked up the drive,retreived bin, put it away, came back in and walked straight upstairs with hardly a puff ! We cannot work out how or why this happened! he said he felt great! he has always breathed through his nose, never his mouth which discounts air hunger. can anyone shed light on this phenomenon please has it happened to you and do we dare to dance for joy... at least until the next consultation, his recent spiro test had dropped from 7.2 to 4.5 if that means anything to you I'm afraid it doesn't to me...Hope everyone has a good day.... AL

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  • My dad had emphysema and always sucked mints when he was walking outside, he reckoned it helped a lot. I tried it but they make me cough.

    polly xx

  • They tell me not to hold my breath I wonder if that is the same when sucking a sweet, just a thought.

  • Many thanks pollyjj and rick1 Don't think I''ll post in the Lancet just yet, but could be on to a Mint marketing ploy lol ! all millions received to BLF... Take Care..AL

  • hello.sucking on a mint helps to open the airways,

    jacksons strong mints ,I never breath threw my mouth I keep it shut outside always threw the nose,never used the ventolin either,guess we are all different,bernice

  • I suck Halls extra strong. They maybe too strong for some and are also more expensive than normal Halls.

  • hello those are good as well.bernice

  • My husband suffers with severe Copd - I am out to buy him peppermints and will report back! Thanks for tip TAD x

  • If I start a coughing attack I suck a mint if I can get it into my mouth quickly it can stop the attack from happening.

  • Oh boy! THIS is why this site is invaluable. I shall buy mints immediately. :)

  • Peppermints could be helping to clear the nasal passages but I am not entirely sure they would dilate the bronchial passages, however the sucking action may do something to activate the bronchial tubes into dilation, maybe this is something in theory could work ;)

    I am glad it seems to be working for your OH :) that's good news :)

    On the other hand it could be that today in your area is a good air quality day.

    Best wishes BC

  • this has me thinking! I get breathless. Ready to try anything. Thanks

  • will get some asap yeah

  • Tasting good is merely a bonus then. Worth a try. Will check it out too ... if I remember to buy the mints! :-) :-) Alison

  • What an amazing response to my question thankyou all so much, if I reply to individuals the site would shut for overactivity(something I'm not induldging in at the moment,crutches getting in the way, had a THR 2 weeks ago OH being fantastic arn't we always when the chips are down!) so please accept this reply for everyone Hope today is good for you all. PS OH said It didn't work with boiled sweet must be something to do with shape of peppermint? what have I started???? Best wishes AL

  • I like Olbas pastilles, great for my throat and for a cough have not tried the sucking walking experiment yet but I will and will report back. thank you xx

  • tried experiment Olbas did not work for me with walking (still love it for throat etc. though) so will have to try peppermint next time.

  • Ageing-Lioness, that is a great find. We can all try this mint sucking and see how it works for us all. Good luck everyone.


  • Fishermans Friends (the Original) help me too!

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