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I've had severe asthma for 49yrs & on oxygen 24/7, been to acupuncturist for pain control & one day I was wheezing a lot & when I was out for treatment when the acupuncturist said I wonder if there anything for asthma & got her book out & said there's a couple of points in the body which might work if I wanted to give it a try. Within minutes I stopped wheezing & dozed of for 15mins & when a woke up I felt great. It's worth a try if your struggling & there's no medication to take. Let me know if it works for you.

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  • Thank you for that John119wards.


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  • Hi John my husband has severe copd and did try it - she definitely helped. Actually he is visiting her again this week for a pain in the ar.........m! I have great faith in acupuncture. TAD x x

  • Hi, I have been having acupuncture for my asthma ..I still have symptoms but I do feel better and more able to cope.

    Where are the points for wheezing?

    My practioner picked up on the fact I have digestive problems too....acid reflux and indigestion.

    So sorry you have had asthma for so long...have you tried breathing exercises?

  • Thanks for posting this I have promised myself if I get bad symptons again this winter instead of popping steroids again I'm going to try something different so this might be just the thing.

  • Interesting ,good to get another view on things. I have heard good reports on acupuncture,just never heard of it for asthma,maybe worth a try,next time my asthma gets severe.xx

  • When I was working I had Acupuncture for pain which helped (being on warfarin did not help even with the needles being so fine) and I had same I was struggling with my breathing and she said can I help stabbed me a in a few points and it eased in minutes. However for a strange reason has never been able to do it again? I try to control my breathing rather than use inhalers as they have an adverse effect on my heart condition.

  • Thank you for that useful info john119wards, am seriously thinking about trying it for myself, best to pursue all possibilities for relief of symptoms, and do anything that helps your individual illness

  • Hi John, I really like acupuncture and have used it to good effect for me and the kids when they were little. I would love to ge able to go to one now but I cannot afford it. My kids reacted really well to it. My practioner in the early days treated many people with asthma. He always said inhalers treated the symptoms not the cause and those on inhalers had the problem pushed deeper. Would love to have him treating my breathing but - there we are. Good luck with your breathing. :-) :-) Alison

  • My acupuncturist arranges special rates if people cannot afford the full fee . I wonder if yours would too...can but ask.

  • What helps servere wheezing

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