Well am confused anyone know out about Emphysematous bullae

Am asking as by all accounts is not Emphysema its a fibrosis . And more related to parenchymal stuff problems

As some will know a seen my lung specialist and shown him my coughed up stuff lung scab or what ever it was.

And he as good as admitted it was from working in a dusty environment ... When he seen pic of lung scab with legs init aka bent asbestos fiber init

But he did tell me there only concern was my breathing which am glad about ...

And he also told me thay would not be looking for shit in stuff i cough up ...

As far as my infections well he said there is one other option open to me but he said he would not like to do it ... nor would he tell me what it was ...

But i did ask about this hypertonic saline and would i need my lungs rinsing out after each course of treatment and he said no

So its not all bad news ... Cheers all the best :)

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  • I may be barking up the wrong tree Daz, but is that what David1968 has? He used to post a fair bit on here.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi lynne, just had a look at profile and not sure

    Cheers all the best

  • Perhaps you could PM him?

  • Cheers lynne there is other will pm thanks

  • I am glad to hear there has been some progress Daz. x

  • Hi toci , yep IIDB are doing what thay do best "nothing" an HM courts tribunral service said thay are not getting results of my ct scan

    That i find strange ... so will be writing robust letter to them

  • hello is that not at the top of the lungs,read somewere that it was ;could you not ask the blf as they will no ;your consultant should have explained it to you in detail;try not to worry someone will be along later with the answer.bernice,

  • Hi carrotts , have asked lung specialist and he did say basically all fibroses is the same .. Did explain not when it comes to IIDB

  • Am not sure myself if its a top or bottom but i do know it use to wind me when ever i bent down .. Told my doc but he just dismissed it but that was b4 i was properly diagnosed

  • Hi Daz

    I think the bullae are the bubble like gaps that form where the tiny alveoli become damaged and the barriers between them break down, I think that this can happen as a result of several lung conditions, such as emphysema asbestosis and things like Fibrosis etc. I think they are called 'emphysematous' bullae whichever disease is causing them

    However I am not 100% on this I am sure that the BLF will be able to clear it up tomorrow

    All the best


  • Hi cheers yep is all confusing .. A know what bullea is its just this emphysematous by all accounts its not emphysema

  • Dear Dazisnotsogood,

    I have the condition you mention it is a description of what happens to the air sacs in your lungs when you have enthysema, blisters form over the air sacs which contain fluid, eventualy they break down and form holes in your lungs, thus my lungs are now full of holes, often it is described as like a cheese full of holes.

    My condition is bullous emphysema and I have had bullia (holes in my lungs) now for 20 years and am still surviving with very severe COPD the umberella description of our various lung conditions, hope my description which is fairly correct is helpful.


  • Hi halsa , cheers yes is all very true your description and do know about emphysema bullea ... Am glad you doing so well wish a could say the same but i have heart problems and bronchitiasis and feeling it ... Its just this emphysematous thing is needs clarifying before a go tribunal

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