A big thankyou

A big thankyou to all that gave me some good advice last week would of been lost without it :) still don't no what to do yet so Iam not going rush into a,decision yet still smoke free so Iam very happy with that :) sorry it took me abit of time replie that was because I went to yorkshire for a week and didn't have a good intetnet connect but now Ian back home :)

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  • I hope you enjoyed your week in Yorkshire. Keep smiling


    Your daily tonic

  • Thankyou kingofthecocktails yes had a relaxing time x

  • Good to hear the latest news from you Pam. Thumbs up for not smoking!

  • Thankyou annieseed xx

  • good for you on still being a non-smoker Pamela.Brilliant :D

  • Thankyou peeg like I've said before couldn't of done it without everyone support xx

  • I hope you feel very proud of yourself Pamela. You have been strong. Decisions take time. Good luck :-) :-) Aluson

  • Awwww thankyou alison yes I iam proud of myself :) and yes decisions do take time I'll no intime what's the beat thing to do xxx

  • Smoking 0 - Pamela 10! xx

  • Haha thankyou toci :) xxx

  • A week away is just what you needed. Happy for you that you stayed away from the smokes.

    Best wishes to you

  • Hi nanaber yes a break is what was needed and still ciggy free :) xxx

  • Well done Pamela xx

  • Dont forget to spoil yourself,with what would have been the ciggies money,very important! I know you've been away,so probably did then,

    Anyway congrats champ.you are doing so well! xxx

  • Haha wendells my daughter and 3 grandaugthers came away with us so the money I saved as well and trully gone treating my grandaugthers and brought a couple of presents back for my grandson :) thankyou xxx

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