THE SENSUOUS WIFE...................................This is a must !

...........................................THE SENSUOUS WIFE

''Have you ever seen a twenty pound note all crumpled up?'' asked the wife

''No'' said her husband.

She gave him a sexy little smile, slowly reached in to her cleavage

and pulled out a crumpled twenty pound note.

''Have you ever seen a fifty all crumpled up?''

''Uh no ''he replied

She gave him another sexy little smile,

seductively reached into her panties and pulled out a crumpled fifty pound note.

''Now,'' she said, ''Have you ever seen forty thousand pounds crumpled up?''

''Oh no '' he said ,now really intrigued.

''WELL.....GO LOOK IN THE GARAGE.........''


Have you ever had to look in your garage?



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32 Replies

  • absolutely brilliant!!!!

  • No garage memories I hope Mocarey

  • As Frank Carson would have said, "It's a cracker!" :-)

  • Is it the way I tell 'em Brecksfield?

  • took a few minuites for the penny to drop, and half an hour to stop laughing :)

  • Is your car in the garage letys?

  • we've not got a garage, only a scratched and crumpled car:)

  • took me a few minutes too - think because I have never had a car that cost anywhere near that sort of price -good one though - thanks kotc xx

  • hahaha nice one will add that to my little collection.

  • Collection of cars in the garage Eh bella 57

  • Hi King, you obviously met my wife. All the best, Larry

  • Did I meet her reversing into your garage Irrjay

  • Probably, was the garage door open. Why were you reversing into my garage. He He.

  • That's between me and Oops. I'll say no more.

  • I have a real problem, my car is a Mercedes S500. A new wedding is a Few pounds, that car is 82000 pounds. Mmm. See you later.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  • Now I know what to say to the husband. Thanks for the tip king.:-) :-) Alison

  • Use the tip wisely Alison

  • Me ... wisely? ... impossible king!

  • My wife didn't make it too the garage the day the road was resurfaced outside the house. Only half of the Rd had been covered in stone and the other half was just Hot Tar. She came home from work and drove up the stone covered side of the Rd and then turned across the freshly laid Hot Tar to get on to our drive. What a Mess!!!!. :)

  • What a pity she didn't do it the other way round, tar first then stones...the tyres would have lasted forever...!!

  • To late now worried wife

  • Sticky problem Eh dall05?

  • Did she get tarred & feathered?? Lol!

  • I started to say, What the He** did you do that fo* when I realised I was the one who was going to get Tar'd and feathered so I zipped it a bit quick. Ha Ha.

    It took week's to drive all that tar off the tyres but its all right now. :)

    Tony xxxx

  • Sticky subject Tony?

  • thanks kotc least I got the best laugh ive had in ages

  • And there's more bubbles37

  • What am I going to do with you!! you are soooo naughty!!!!! :D XXXXX and funny!!!!! :D XXXXXXX

  • Please lock me away and ! hufferpuffer

  • Good one KOTC - have as good day.

  • It was a good one, I laughed, and I have had a good day

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