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Can someone please help me i have recently been diagnosed with mild to moderate emphysema.

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I have read on websites that there is different stages to this but when i asked my doctor what stage i was at he told me there was no stages please can someone help i am so confused

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Stage one ...mild

Stage two ....moderate

Stage three... Severe

Stage four .....very severe

Thank you so much for your response as i say i have only recently been diagnosed and am feeling a little confused. Doctor didnt explain anything to me really and i felt as though i was rushed and didnt feel i could ask any questions.

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You can slow the progression of your condition ,

Have you stopped smoking.

Exercise .

Controlled diet.

Be aware and avoid any pollutants that effect your breathing.

Ask any questions

Plenty of people to answer for you.

Also read

Hi Maywebb

I was diagnosed exactly three years ago with exactly what you have ie mild to moderate emphysema ... in other words somewhere between mild and moderate. I assume you have had spirometry tests (if not get back to your GP .... he cant diagnose without it).

I stopped smoking, my scores are pretty much the same as they were three years ago, and no infections etc.

This can seem a very frightening diagnosis, but taking care of yourself and finding out all you can from reputable web sites like the BLF will help keep you well ..... ignore most of the web sites .... I looked at loads when first diagnosed and lots basically said I had about 5 years left ... utter rubbish and as a lot of people on this site could tell you..... many diagnosed 20 or so years ago!

Take care be positive and don't smoke

Beth xx

Hi Maywebb, you have found the most helpful website ! My husband was diagnosed with Copd about ten years ago. Like you that was it from the doctor! About four years ago he was quite ill with chest infection and then had a severe drug reaction. That was a turning point and I decided to be more proactive. I found out we had a specialist respiratory team and asked the practise nurse to refer us.

He was referred for a pulmonary rehab course - about 8 weeks of exercise and information. Completely changed his life and outlook. My advise would be

Stop smoking

Stay fit the fitter the better

Have a flu jab

Have a pneumonia jab

Go straight to the doctor if you think you have an infection

Enjoy your life!

Do not let this diagnosis affect your quality of life! Take good care. TAD x x

Hullo Maywebb.

It's all very confusing isn't it. We have all been through that stage of not knowing anything. I was terrified. The best thing to do now is get yourself a little memo pad and write down all the questions that you have at the moment. When you next go to your GP pull out your pad and sit there pen in hand. Ask your questions one by one and write down the answers. If he/she doesn't like it, tough. You are paying a fortune for their services one way or another so make sure you get full value. I hope things go well for you.

Bobby xx

Hi maywebb may i ask what % your lung fungtion was when you had a spirometry lung fungtion test.

please dont worry because if you look after yourself it is not has bad has you may think

Hi, I think that you can ask for a double appointment in advance with your gp so that you don't feel so rushed next time, and as philips 1 says be prepared before you go with your questions. I always felt I was being a nuisance when I was first diagnosed with my lung problems but I don't worry about that any more!

my peak flow 175?

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