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What difference does ambulatory oxygen make?

I am going for an oxygen assessment tomorrow I have been told I will almost certainly need ambulatory oxygen. My breathing at the moment is dire and I have no energy at all and have lost so much weight I am loosing my muscle now but I am working on that.

Can someone please tell me what difference is it going to make, I know it protects your organs from lack of oxygen but will it help with my breathing and will I have more energy to be able to excercise? and anything else you can tell me please. (Any downsides)

polly xx

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Ambulatory oxygen is given to maintain your oxygen level, at a acceptable level during excercise and moving around,

I was given 2 lpm prior to starting pulmonary rehab, I have to go for a full ambulatory test at hospital October ,

It doe's not make a huge difference to you breathing, it only maintains your oxygen level and allows a swift return to your normal level .

Which will allow you to do more for using less oxygen.

From what you are saying I would look at a referral to a Pulmonary rehab class ,

Which will increase you excercise tolerance, which inturn will boost you engery levels.

You may also consider a referral to a dietician, to assist you with a suitable diet program.

Your GP can also prescribe high engery drinks and foods to boost you energy levels short term.

Also read



I have done PR a few years ago but was thinking of asking if I can do another one, I have an appointment with a dietician in October, doc wont give me any high energy drinks until I have been to see the dietician.

Thank you for your advice it is much appreciated. Hate going into things I don't know about.

polly xx


Good advice from stone polly. I am sorry you are having trouble keeping the weight on and your breathing is difficult at the moment. I think the helpline would be able to advise you further Polly about this in the meantime before you see the dietician. I think another PR course might help but maybe that is a little later after you have stabilised your weight.

It's important to be a good body weight, hope you can manage to put some weight on ready for the winter months. Bananas are good to eat and can help put the weight on also peanut butter, ever tried mashed banana and honey on granary bread, its delicious, also peanut butter and tomato on white bread. Milk shakes (complan) milk shakes with icecream in mmmm yummy :P

Don't forget if you can't manage 3 full meals a day go for 6 smaller meals but try to make up your calories intake. Pumpkins seeds are also very good for you and if eaten regularly can help put the weight on. The most important thing is I think to help build your immune system through eating the rights foods, being a good weight will help achieve that too.

Here's BLF's page


7 tips to help you gain weight (see PS notes below):

Hope things start to improve for you soon Polly, Sorry I digressed there from oxygen to food - I must be hungry :)

All good wishes


PS the 7 tips link is not going straight to the page, so perhaps just copy paste the link into your browser, once in your browser address bar close the space between www. and health.com

www. health.com/health/gallery/0,,20385813,00.html


Thanks Blakey C for the diet tips....I am still trying to put on weight!


Hi Pollyjj, My husband has just been prescribed oxygen for use in the PR exercise classes because his sats were dropping too low during exercise. Having spoken to the nurses at the PR team - they have told me that some people find that it really helps with the breathlessness and others do not find any difference. My husband says that it does not help with the breathlessness but it does give him the confidence to keep going - now he knows his SATS are not dropping low. He has been told that at the end of the course he may need ambulatory oxygen but there again he may not. It depends on his tolerance to exercise at the end of the course. So yes it is helping him to exercise and from what I have read from others they feel the same. Good luck with the dietician. Yes see if you can be referred for a PR course. Take good care and look after yourself. TAD xx

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Thanks everyone, lots of good advice there, I will let you know how I get on tomorrow, will have to be up early appointment at 9 and we all know how long it takes to get ready.

polly xx

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I use Ambulatory Oxygen and find I am able to walk that bit further without having to stop for a breath.

I started off on 2 litres two years ago, increased to 3 litres sometime last year and then in May it was increased to 5 litres. This was because my SATS were dropping to the low 70's when doing any activity. Now of course, using 5litres means a cylinder of Oxygen doesn't last very long!



Dear Polly, ambulatory oxygen means that you will have oxygen all the time. This is so useful in knowing that you will breathe better. The doctor told me that I should wean myself from it. but not straight away. If you can try to join some gentle gym, because movement will help with oxygen.

If you can eat lots of eggs, and if you can, drink lots of whole milk. I did that when I came out of hospital, after 3 months in. I also went with my oxygen bottle to the gym to do gentle exercise. The staff were very cautious. but it helped me recover my breathing.

Are you treated for any infection? If so, after the treatment you should see a marked improvement. Take courage in your difficult moment.


I was lucky because ambulatory O2 did help me with breathlessness so I have a better quality of life and don't get SOB so often. I also have more energy

The colander is a bit of a drag to carry round but it is so worth the hassle

Good luck


I was due to go on Oxygen last March but refused as i live alone do not have car or family spent 3 mths just having hospital transport for Warfarin test & taxis to drs for b/ts etc. After Xmas i joined theTown Rider which as i have a bus pass is free & found walking in store with their trolley helped me to walk without gasping so had 2+ hrs a week walking also starting sniffing Eucallyptus Oil which opened my airways as Oxygen Nurse stated. Had my yearly visit with Oxygen Nurse blood level from ear (assume oxygen levels in blood) was just over 7 last year 9+ this year & she told me if i can get it to 11 i am in the clear regarding Oxygen! Walking is hard when wheezing/breathing but we must walk as much as possible as it has helped me 100% also we need 3,000 calories because we use that amount just breathing i as living on 1 sandwich a day now eat 3 times daily (keep a diary) hard but have lost nearly a stone in 2 mths which also helps with breathing. Pulmonary Rehab is an excellent course to go on i went on 1 yrs ago but got lazy.

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To me it gives freedom from worrying about my levels dropping too low when I am out so I regard it as a necessary medicine. On the downside is having to lug a heavy canister around. I put mine in the bag of my 3wheel walker so I push it around


Sorry didn't realise this was a post from so long ago, using my phone app.


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