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Oxygen nurse visit I and grandson's first day at secondary school

My oxygen nurse came for an annual visit yesterday - took my SATS and gave me an arterial blood test. Result is I have to increase my oxygen from 8 hours at night to 15 hours!! It is a bit of a shock. Unfortunately I am not feeling too well at the moment - seem to have started another infection- back on the emergeny antibiotics. Just as I start to think health maybe plateauing if not improving it all goes pearshaped again.

Still, on a lighter note, I spoke to eldest grandson on the phone this evening - his first day at secondary school seemed to go ok - though was given a test in three of the subjects - just the way to enthuse an impressionable youngster with your subject! Still, evidently his maths teacher is awesome and his form tutor is nice also!


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Yes it can be a shock. I started off just needing it when I was sleeping but now need it most of the time. Hope that when you chest infection settles then your need for oxygen wil ldecrease.

Glad your grandson seems to like secondary school. It is sucha big deal going to senior school. My grandkids are my life. They keep me going.


Hi Mocarey

Sorry to hear you need oxygen most of the time now. I must admit that oxygen at night which I have had for the last year or so is not a problem - in fact as I get more tired as the evening progresses it is often a relief to put it on. It just feels that my condition must be worsening if I need more than the 8 hours and ambulatory. Still hopefully it will not be permanent - if it is, I shall just have to put up with it!



Hi, It is such a shock when they start talking about oxygen and increasing the usage. It seems so unfair. Perhaps it was a bad day with the infection and that things will get better once you get the infection under control. I was very shocked when my husband was prescribed oxygen but one of the lovely people on here told me to look at it as just another medicine that will keep you as well as possible.!

Glad to hear your grandson had a great day - it was my neices' first day at high school yesterday - shes already made a new friend which seemed the focus of her attention!

Lots of love, TAD xx


Hi Tadaw

Thanks for you reply. As you say I will hope the additional oxy time is temporary, although the nurse said she will return in 6 months to see if my blood gasses level has improved. I keep reminding myself that I am fortunate to be receiving such good care - no oxygen available to either of my parents when that needed it!

Yes I hope my grandson will make friends quite quickly since he doesn't know anyone in his year group - he is the only boy from his primary school to go to that particular secondary. They seem to have dispersed to secondaries across the city and nearby towns. Still he is a nice lad with lots of interests so I am sure he will make friends.

I hope your husband keeps well.



Hi TADAW. Oh how I hated my new school ,never did like it. However ,never lost my sense of humour.

For what it is worth I used to be on oxygen 15 hours a night but don't need it at the moment.


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