CONGRATULATIONS to Sir Cliff Richard........KOTC

What songs/what memories do you have?


Sir Cliff Richard 100th album just released, 250 million records sold world wide, a top ten hit in each decade


What are your favourite songs of Sir Cliff?

What are your favourite films of Sir Cliff

Have you seen Sir Cliff live in concert?

Any other memories of 55 years with Sir Cliff



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  • Hi KOTC,my favourite song from the 60s was 'fall in love with you,' I was newly married and it was so romantic. I also loved Cliff's 'Summer Holiday,' film and 'Oh Boy', on TV. Must mention The Shadows too, they were great.

  • Mine is of my sister singing Summer Holidays hope I'm right Sir Cliff did sing that in one of the films he was in didn't he??????

  • Driving the big red bus nanaber

  • I remember :)

  • I remember 'Congratulations' being in the charts very well! the memory is connected to my very first drag on a fag!!!

    We, my brothers and I were in Spain staying in a village near Madrid....we were on holiday with my Mum and Aunty and Uncle and Cousins......the local kids persuaded us to walk up a huge hill for a cigarette...there was quite a few of them and they only had one ciggie between us all!! the only English they knew was Cliffs 'Congratulations' and so they kept singing it! happy days.. :) xxxx

  • Oh happy days, happy, happy days hufferpuffer

  • Sir Cliff and I share the same birthday but i am a few years younger, other than that my life has been totally different , but I can still take that first breath every morning, sometimes easier than others. I saw Sir Cliff in , Blackpool about 1961 he was still with the Shadows, it was a great show.

  • I am sorry but Sir Cliff is now on my banned list. Once he started singing mucky songs, I went off him. I mean "Tits and F@nny, why we don't talk any more"....smut, pure smut.

  • That is a very sad opinion you have. but then it is your opinion. Cornish Brian

  • I hope Sir Cliff doesn't ban his support for us via the British Lung Foundation. The BLF needs all the support it can get and Sir Cliff is very generous towards it.

  • yep boredom

  • If he was boring he would not be playing to sell out concerts all over the world. Would he? And still going strong after 55years.A great supporter of the British Lung Foundation as well.aswad

  • My Goddaughter met my brother who is a year older than me (I have 6 so thought I would be specific). She couldn't speak as he looked just like Cliff. Although 18 years younger than me, she was such a huge fan. She was absolutely besotted by Cliff. Poor Jackie when she met Roy. Happy memories. I loved the way he joined in with "The Young Ones" and he has raised a lot of money for charity. Good on him! :-) :-) Alison

  • Aww happy memories of my sister singing it :)

  • My late husband did his national service , the song that was popular when he went was travellng light it still brings a tear momentarily then I remember the good times, they cant steal your memories, but one day they may tax them if they can find a way.

  • Daddy's Home To Stay. Sentimental for me tatteka

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