Another silly one.....what were your favourite silly songs/ditties in your school years?

am -5pmWhat were your favourite silly songs or ditties in your school years?

......................................THE ORANGUTAN SINGS

The orangutan sings as he swings through the jungle, sitting at the top of the trees.

..................He can eat a leaf, or have a sleep, or sit and scratch his fleas

........................He will say hello to a sleepy sloth, or hi to a cockatoo

................But he sees me or you or you, then all he will say is, ooh, ooh

. (repeat)


This is a real memory test.



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In my infants school years Richard it was a song from Snow White. I was five years old and my dad made me a little wooden pick to carry while I sang, "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go". Happy days.


And eventually off to work you went Bobby

The theme music to Robin Hood,with Richard Greene !! I think

Was always singing it lol

Were you always riding through the glen Jambo1958

I have never heard yours before Your Majesty. I only really remember the skipping rhymes we had.

Jelly on a plate

Jelly on a plate

Wibble Wobble

Wibble Wobble

Jelly on a plate.

And the unforgettable -

Eeny-meeny mackeracker

Rare I dominacker

Chicker packer

Lolly popper

Rom Pom push.

Chinese chew chews

Gilly Gally whiskers

O U T spells out!

Heard the eeny meeny mackeracker one from friends who grew up in Nottingham - never heard it here in deepest Hampshire !

I am in Yorkshire - must be a Northern thing. ;)

Im in west yorkshire but that little ditty was from Scotland i used to live there

It must of emigrated southwards newlands to cheer us southerners up

Sung it in the dales ehToci?

All good things are heard in Nottingham Gidge

Eeny-meeny mackeracker is new to me.Thanks Toci

During the school summer holiday's, a gang of us kids would go down the beach for a swim, singing loudly... 'The sun has got its hat on, hip, hip, hip hooray. The sun has got his hat on and its coming out today'. The summers then used to be lovely, a bit like the one we've just had. Only wish I was half as active now as I was then.

We never had rain in our summer holidays, did we letys? I don't remember it.

Dip dip dip my blue ship sailing on the water like a cup and saucer .Out spells out!!!!!

Glory, glory halleluia, teacher hit me with a ruler

And they did too....across your hand or the back of the leg...better than having the board duster thrown at you though....those were the days!

Oh yes! The good old days of educational child abuse! :O

Did it work!!!!!!! Toci

Or that piece of chalk being 'flipped' with complete accuracy. Ouch! knitter

Eenny meeny miney mo put the baby on the poe

when its done wipe its bum throw the paper up the lumb (chimney)

Our version was:

Eeny meeny miney mo, put the baby on the poe.

When it's done, wipe it's bum, with a piece of chewing gum.

That's a bum version Toci !

:) :p

A hot, dirty rhyme eh newlands ?

My boomerang won't come back - Charlie Drake

My boomerang won't come back, my boomerang won't come back.

I wave the thing all over the place, practice till I'mblue in the face

But I'm a big disgrace to the aborigini race

My boomerang won't come back

It was one of a number of novelty songs played by Uncle Mac on a Saturday morning. :-) :-) Alison

Charlie Drake had some good songs including 'There was a guy sweet Freddie Green '

There was an old man called Michael Finnigin...he grew whiskers on his chinigin.......the wind came along and blew them in again.....poor old Michael Finnigin....begin again......There was an old man called Michael Finnigin...

And ''Hitler, he only had one ball...the other was in the Albert Hall!''....naughty eh? :D XXX

Naughty you hufferpuffer what can I do with you?

Lone Ranger theme as we went to school....gaberdine macs fastened by one button around the neck, cantering sideways but still moving forwards, clip clopping as we went. I had a friend from Australia and they did the same thing except they rode Skippy, bouncing along to school. I know one thing. Silver went a lot faster coming home from school...Hi Ho Silver...away.

Gaberdine macs, very posh Cornish Brian. I had a pac-a-mac

Just as info think the Lone Ranger must have been written by Spanish speakers or people with knowledge of Spanish because I think they or he she were having a little joke with the names 'tonto' means silly or stupid in Spanish and 'que no sabe' (although maybe spelt in the lone ranger series as 'ke mo sabe') far from meaning trusted scout or friend means more or less 'he who does not know' - could be a coincidence but I like to think not.

Sung to the tune of "Burning Bridges" by Status Quo.

My grandsire beat the drum complete

His name was Darby Kelly O

No man so true at rat-tat-too

At roll-call or reveillez O

When Marlborough's name first rose to fame

So loud he rolled the points of war

At Blenheim he and Ramillies

Fired all their cannons to the core

With a row-dow-dow

With what a shout the boys came out

The girls they waved, you don't know how!

And now (small shame) I bear the name

And drum of Darby Kelly O

No man so true at rat-tat-too

At roll-call or reveillez O

A super new one to me Brecksfield

There was also the silly ones like...."If a gumboil could boil oil, how much oil could a gum boil boil, if a gum boil could boil oil?"

I don't know, but I am boiling over with that one Brecksfield

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