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Just for info, I know a lot of you don't necessarily qualify for the flu jab, £9 seems a pretty good deal to me!

"To find your nearest participating pharmacy visit

The flu jab service is available in relation to seasonal strains of flu and H1N1 swine flu. Subject to availability, whilst stocks last. Available in selected stores only. Not available to customers under 12, or pregnant. All sales and services are at the discretion of the Pharmacist. Flu jab service is available from 30.09.13 to 31.03.14.".

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Keith was in hospital last year when he should have had his jab - when he came out they couldn't do it for weeks so we went to our local Tesco. Fantastic service, done in a private room without being rushed, they even made us stay there for 10 mins to make sure all was well. Money well spent ! The surgery seemed pleased , too.........we had to hand in a paper to them with the details for their records, I seem to remember. Gill

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Thanks for the info sadie1951, most people with COPD are entitled to it free from the NHS now I believe. Thanks for the recommendation about Tesco's Gidge as sometimes circumstances mean we have to go elsewhere, just like you with your husband


We must all remember to have a flu jab. Thanks for the timely reminder for everyone


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The reason it caught my eye (was an email as I shop online at tesco, giving me a extra £1 off, so only £8) was that despite calling my doc weekly last year about it, it was mid December before they came and did it. Ridiculous! Sadie xxx


I'm entitled to it but tend to buy it at Boots as they do it weeks earlier than my GP.

Lynne xx


Hi Lynne hope you are doing ok.


I get and have been getting it at my GP surgery for past 10 years I usually ring up about middle of Sept and get an apt at one of their flue jab clinics which are run frequently also had pneumonia jab about 5 years ago only need that every 10 yrs would never miss having flue jab as can get really bad chest infections during winter usually around Christmas !


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