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First Day of Spring & Fathers Day!

Beautiful day,as has been for quite a while,although wouldent mind a bit of rain,as water tanks,have been empty for a while!

Fathers day as well,all the family arrived this morning & we cooked up a Marvellous feed! Enjoyed by all.

Harry enjoyed opening all his lovely presents,bit overwhelmed I think! After 3 hours,told them they could all go home now,as he was going to have a sleep!!

Oh well,a lovely morning had by all,xxxx

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Happy spring! I wish it was all over again here!

Lynne xx


Sounds like the family had a good fathers day,funny how fathers day and mothers day are all in different months according to the country you live in .But it means you can celebrate more than once if you have family in different countries (smiles)


LOL @ after three hours, I manage the same in half and hour.


Think COPD makes me a recluse.

Enjoy your spring as the UK springs into Autumn. Arghh and the

clocks change next month and long dark nights ahead. ;0(

xx Ros xx


And we are heading into autumn and all its colourful leaves, Wendells. Recent weather has been beautiful. We both have Christmas to look forward -- so why are so many people muttering about it. And then the spring.

Pleased that it was a good day for Harry. Good to have your family around you!! Love Annieseed xx


It's a beautiful Autumn morning here in Wales, I have to say this weather suits me as I've had fewer health problems over the last few months. On a sad note my cousin Jim who lives in Albany has recently been diagnosed with motor neurone disease and I just wish he wasn't so far away.


Hope your lovely Autumn weather continues,I must admit I do miss those brilliant Autumn colors! It sounds beautiful where you live,read your profile!

So sad about your cousin,saw what a friend of ours went through a few years ago,it's just not fair.I take it,he's in albany W.A? One feels so helpless,when so far away.

I can empathize with you, concerning Copd,I've felt exactly the same!

Love Wendells xxx


we are very fortunate, it's a lovely spot, however often get cut off when it snows. Yes Jim has been in in Albany WA, thirty odd years. He and his wife used to be able to watch the Whales from where he lives. His wife died five years ago and now he's now in a nursing home. Wishing you and Harry well xx


So pleased you had a lovely day Wendells, good for Harry, many times I have wanted to say please could you go home now I am tired.

Nice morning here in the West Midlands, sunshine but a little bite in the wind, autumn certainly on its way.

I love the nice weather so not looking forward to the cold.

polly xx


I was just saying above,how I miss the Autumn colors,but must admit,I couldent take the cold weather now,been here to long lol!

Yes Harry did say,what we all want to say at times!! xxx


Lovely to hear you have had such a lovely day x x x


Happy Harry Eh. I am pleased you both were able to enjoy fathers day Wendells.


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