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I need some advice

Hi all I have been on antibiotics an steroids on an off since the end of June that's is 3 lots of antibiotics an 3 lots of steroids but still have a very loose cough an still coughing up gunk it's not gone green yet thick but it is light, I have a very busy week ahead of me sorting out a party for next Sat (Golden Wedding) an then flying of to Turkey on Tues as anyone out there experienced this with antibiotics an steroids, I'm a bit frighten to go to Drs as I don't want to be stopped from going away but I know if I don't go I could be ill in Turkey, I feel ok in myself still able to do housework an going to the gym, shopping , it's just this cough sorry all I'm rambling on please help Bliss2 lol xx

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Hi don't hesitate in going to the doctors, he may want to do further test , or sputum test all of which take time, and further time to remedy.

Increase your fluid intake more when abroad will loosen the mucus.

Do you use inhalers and do you gargle after wards.

Water gargle will suffice for mist inhalers.

For powdered inhalers you need a alcohol based mouthwash like listerine .

The powder is not easily soluble in water.

I am trying to resolve my cough, nether had problems before, no mucus either.


Thank you stone yes I do gargle after my inhaler been doing that from the start so I'm ok with them, I've been drinking lots of water at the mo it's just that it seems I'm taken a lot of antibiotics an steroids an nothing is working an with the steroids I have after effects like not sleeping very well 8 hours sleep last week when I was on them in two days felt terrible soon as I was of them I slept like a log sorry to hear you have a cough I have always had mucus an had no problem in bringing it up well that is so far xx


Have a great holiday Bliss. I think as Stone suggests pop in and see the doc before you go, it will put your mind at rest and you can get your back up meds for the trip in case you need them.

Perhaps Active UMF(R) Manuka Honey may help your cough 1 teaspoon a day, 3 x a day (if cough really bad) or a teaspoon in hot water as a drink.

Best wishes BC


Thanks BlakeyC yes I'm looking forward to party an hols it's a lovely hotel went last year very big as 8 swimming pools an also swim up rooms so you can just jump into the water from your room it all inclusive an drink are not the local ones you get the real thing, I've been in touch with the hotel an they are going to host our anniversary so I'm hoping I'm going to be well to enjoy it I will take some photos an see if I can put them on here as they have good WiFi an Internet connection, I will try the honey thanks lol xx


Sounds great :) Happy Golden Wedding Anniversay celebrations, have a great flight and fab holiday.


Hi Bliss

If it were me I would go back to docs to ease my mind. There should be time to get a sample off and get results and pick up any effective medication. I don't think for one minute doc would try to deter you from going away as long as you have the right meds.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Is it your Golden Wedding hun - if so Congratulations to you and dh. ENJOY!

Love cx


Hi I would recommend manuka honey too! And I would go to the docs and ask for emergency abs and steroidsat least you will have peace of mind that you can treat yourself. Have a fab party and great holiday. TAD x x x


Enjoy the good times Bliss2



Hi I had a very bad time earlier on this year. Had 4 exacerbations with loads of steroids and antibiotics. Decided to throw everything at it so started on a regime of 1000mg vit c and zinc soluble tablets, Echinacea, also got blueberries and brazil nuts-apparently I read it somewhere they are good for 'lungs' but as I said I was desperate. I felt awful, bursting into tears for every little thing. Took a couple of weeks but I think it made a difference. I don't feel too bad at the moment and I know as soon as the cooler damper air starts I'll go back down again, but I'm trying to keep well. Just been hit with something else, Im now diabetic!! So something else to contend with. Oh well Im up for a fight!!

Good luck for the Golden wedding and try and have fun on your visit to Turkey. Good idea for travel insurance?? Keep smiling ;-)


Thanks you suspan I'm looking forward to it take care lol xx


Manuka honey with ginger lemon and warm ....not hot...water....yummy and great decongestant and soother. Enjoy hols after bobbing into docs:) x


Manuka Honey is a magic thing, I can cough all evening, then have a spoonful of 25+ honey and I can feel the difference as it goes down. It certainly helps me get a good nights sleep (the wife is delighted as she gets to sleep as well) . My thanks to the nurse who recommended it. Just remember you have to put it in your suitcase as they may not let you carry it through.


Thank you moneal lol xx


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