Hi folks off on my bills traveling by train from near Aberdeen to London and on to Dover to stay with family and friends,when booking our tickets at the station we managed to upgrade to first class for just a few quid extra ,although it's against my principal's as I believe we should travel in one class but I am looking forward to the trip no more blocked toilets and better that's me off for two weeks from the 7th ,I will report how the journey went and how being in a wheelchair the service is,I'm fed up looking out of the same window day in day out as my is still working .

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  • Have a great Holiday pechinawa

    All good wishes BC

  • Hope you have relaxing journey and a lovely holiday


  • Have a great holiday enjoy the train journey pechimawa xx

  • Thanks Bliss it's going to be 8hours traveling but I can do it

  • Thanks Blakey I'm quite excited

  • Wishing you a fab holiday lots of love tad x

  • Have a great time. If travelling for that many hours, you need the extra space and quiet to manage. Just sit back and relax. A good travelling experience will add pleasure to the whole trip. :-) :-) Alison

  • Have a wonderful holiday and keep us up to speed on how it all went! M

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