Yet another trip to Dorchester hossie

Well i,m taking the well beaten path to the hospital yet again,,last week more x,rays, and today the cadiologist,,i never get lung infections but my breathing is really bad,,i used to be able to measure in meters how far i went but now its in steps,, Because i have rhummy in my hands and feet, the consulant put me on MTX, wow,,i nearly stopped breathing with that and came out in the most horrible blood spots on my arms,so doc stopped it straight away,, but my breathing hasn,t improved,,the doc says i,m not making folic aid,,so more tablets for that, and my red blood cells are to big, :( i,m really hoping that the cardiologist will come up with something,,Pulmonary consultant thinks one of my vents is sluggish, so i,m really hoping this is the case,,,fingers crossed,,have a nice day all,,,,,

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  • Good luck Chrissy. Hope they can help you to feel much better. :-) :-) Alison

  • Sorry you're in 5* Chrissie but hope it will be of great help to you.

    love cx

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you chrissie, hope things improve soon, keep us up todate how you get on.

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi Chrissy, I hope you get sorted and home again soon! I go to Dorchester hospital too...a dr McConnell I think his name is, only met him once but I liked him a lot. He is the one whole finally listened to me and sent me for the oxygen test (I now have it in my home) and he sent me for a VATs lung biopsy which I had last week in Southampton General. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?

  • Ask if you can be tested for home oxygen if you don't already have it...if your breathing is bad and your sats are low you might need it to help you.

  • Lots of luck, hope you find a good a solution and help with your breathing. TAD xx

  • Thank you for all your lovely replies,,had a echogram,,so strange watching your heart beat away,,but she thinks everything looks okay,,see the Pul consultant in a fortnight so will find out tthen,,i deffo don,t want to go down the oxygen route yet,,still love taking the dog out for long walks,,even if i,m slow, but it does exercise the old lungs,,and Lillytan i live down in Portesham, so only a ten min trip to Dorch hospital,,( and if anybody is going up soon please DO NOT eat the homemade scones in Damers,,the will break your teeth,, :)

  • Hello Chrissie and Lillytan. I also go to Dorch hospital and see Dr McConnell, who is indeed lovely! He put me on oxygen and also sent me off to Southampton's respiratory department for a bipap machine (I assume Dorch doesn't have them) to sort out my CO2 retention. The effect of that was incredible, so I am forever grateful.

    Very best of luck Chrissie. Your comment about the scones is noted! Hope your problems are all sorted out very soon. Jan :-)

  • Jabber did you have Chris Jones to do your lung function test and blood gas test? He and his work colleague are such lovely guys...really put me at ease and made me laugh. I was on ward one, D2 at Southampton and the nurses there were all absolutely fabulous, kind and dedicated to their jobs and patients.

  • Yes! Chris did my first ABG about 6 years ago, before I'd been diagnosed with COPD, when I just thought it was asthma getting worse – good job we can’t see into the future. He warned me that it was no ordinary blood test, which was just as well. At least I was half prepared. They are always friendly and helpful at DCH and try to keep us smiling ("Hi, I'm Chris and I'll be torturing you today. Sorry! Testing you today!").

    Now I’m a lot more stable I usually see Dr McConnell in Bridport, so they do my lung functions there. At Southampton I've only been an outpatient, and I see the physios who do the ABGs and sort out the settings on my bipap, and also Dr Wilkinson (I think that’s her name). They are all lovely too and nothing is too much trouble. I’m grateful to them all.

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