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Access to here using Laptop

I have contacted HealthUnlocked about the following and they are checking up on it for me but I thought I would ask if any of you have experienced the same problem

I was a Member of this Group, but accidentally deleted myself a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I decided to get back on yesterday but had to re-join as my previous log in wouldn't work.

I was using my iPad, but after realising that my photo for my profile was still showing upside down, I decided to log on via my Laptop to upload the photo.

This is where my problem started!! As soon as I attempted to access this site, a message showed stating, 'sorry - an error has occurred. Please try again'. I tried, and tried again and again but I am still getting the same message. This was when I contacted the HELP section. They are checking things out for me.

Have any of you had this problem and if so, how did you conquer it? Until this is sorted I am unable to put my mugshot on my profile!!!


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It seems like you are doing ok with it now Dangirl1, picture up the right way, you seem to have logged in ok and communicating ok. Or are you getting this problem while trying to log back in under your other name at the same time logged in under new name?

Not sure if the new upgrade will allow the use of two accounts.

I've not had any problems logging in or putting up a profile picture.

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Everything is fine when using my iPad (as I am now). What I am unable to do is log on using my Laptop.

As for my profile photo - a landscape view is ok but my own photo shows upside down as photos were doing when this site was first changed.

It was mentioned then that own pics wouldn't upload correctly when using iPads but I thought this had been corrected.

I can't log in under my previous name as the site won't accept it. This was why I had to re-join.


Sorry I can't help, I have no experience of that. Good thinking to contact the unlocked team, I am sure they can resolve the issue for you.


You may have your old profile in your cookies so when you log in it is auto filling the boxes?


Stitch, I used to be able to log on using either my iPad or Laptop when I was previously a member of this community.

This problem has only happened when I tried to log in using my Laptop today.

I have no problems when using my iPad.



Try clearing cache and cookies ect from your browsers on you lap top .

Go to settings.

It may be trying to use saved log on details which may have changed when you rejoined.

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Nice to know you are still in the fold. Hope you enjoyed the welcome message!


Your daily tonic


I am now able to access here via my Laptop.

You can probably tell this as I have now been able to upload my photo to my profile.

Thank you to those of you (including the HealthUnlocked Team) who suggested about sorting my cookies out.



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