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Lucky to work .... very!

Good Morning

I'm on holiday at the mo, but back to work soon. I am lucky to be well enough to still keep working at a job I love, and hope to keep going until I retire in about 5 years (fingers crossed)

I know there are many here who are too ill to work, and I have read of the awful struggles you have gone through with Atos etc and the benefits system now set up to, it seems, have a default position which denies benefits.

Read this earlier, it does not mention COPD etc but the sentiments are good. Do you think anyone will listen? or are we stuck with this system, if or until, there is a change of government?

Hope you are all doing as well as pos.

Beth xx

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It looks like the other lot have agreed to keep the system as it is now so no change who ever is in.


It beats me how they find money to start wars in different parts of the world but cannot look after people in this country!


Pledge to get Atos Sacked, still time to sign the e petitions :


Me Too


Signed. x


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