Do You want To See Photo's Of My Dogs,MATTCASS

For the last 4 years I have let my workplace be used by the Strathclyde Dog Unit and All the Local Prison Services to train their dogs, Watching these dogs work is an experience I even participate in hiding the various objects they are trained in finding Drugs, Arms, Money, Explosives, Mob Phones, even flares that are taken into football games, From Spaniels the size of hairdryer's to Alsatians as tall as me, I made a point of photographing every dog and giving it to their handlers one of my most popular was making calendars, I cannot wait to get back to work even for that reason alone Fran even knows the names of some of the dogs, I get an average 20txs several phone calls and cards each week, over the next few days, I you don't mind I will pick out some of the best for you to see on my facebook if that's ok.Matt

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  • Hi Stitch ,When the dogs are on site all I do is take photos or play with them, I work on my own do what I want, My work hours are Mon to Fri 9 till 4 on the course for 3 hush hush.Matt

  • i have my daughters chocolate labrador whilst she is at work he is so good if i cough or start wheezing he pushes my inhaler towards me if iits on the sofa near me ,so i think he would have been a good dog to train

  • Hi newlands Labradors are the easiest to train then the spaniels followed by the Pointers/Alsatian's say some the handlers but watching them all work is a treat and when they find anything the handler throws a tennis ball or a object the dog likes as a reward.Matt

  • I'm getting a puppy in 5 weeks time! I am so excited by our new addition!

    Marie x

  • Nice to know another dog lover. We have had 16 dogs over the last 28 years unwanted, illtreated etc

    Loved everyone of them.Have a look on FB 'My best friends' Matt.

  • Sounds absolutely fabulous. I will have to have a look on facebook. Can't do it on this computer for some reason I log on to facebook and cant see a thing but will b ok on my laptop later. Is the prison Barlinnie. I am from Glasgow.

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