Cancel of daily laughter

Hi Friends,

I shall keep this clean as possible, due to my Broadband, tv and telephone providers being one sandwich short of a picnic and every village must be great ful that they have got rid of the village idiot. Unfortunatley they all work for my provider.

As a result unfortunalty daily laughter will not return till 26th September then we can talk/talk.

Unfortunately I cannot discuss the provider but all I can say SKY was not the limit.

Sorry to let you all down

Breathe easy my friends

Remember give your self a laugh each day, I am and I will it is normally 1 or 2 fingers to my provider which gives me a good laugh each day.

Put a note in your diary 26th September

Love and hugs to all

Berwick xxx

13 Replies

  • See you on the 26th, will be on holiday so catch up with you a few days later just before October comes in.Will miss your daily dose, hope we don't all get sick from lack of laughter (smiles). see you soon.

  • Sorry about that, Berwick but possibly a wise decision. Good luck with talk talk. Dont talk to my friend about them!!!!

  • See you on the 26th.

  • Have a nice rest from us berwick. I will miss you xx

  • I have Talk Talk and have no problem with them. I did have a problem for a long while and spent many hours on the phone to them and after what must have been very expensive for them sending engineers out both from talk talk and BT the fault was finally traced to the telephone exchange.I also get a very good deal paying only less than 21 pounds a month for broadband line rental free calls anytime and100 free minutes to mobiles and lovefilm free for a year.

  • I'm still a Virgin! See you on Sept 26th.we'll have a party Berwick


  • Your not a Virgin King, I've seen your Parrot/Punk post. :)

  • See you in a month Berwick, enjoy your break and store up some more of that funny stuff for us all. :).


  • Enjoy your break! See you soon. :-) :-) Alison

  • Will miss you,but plenty of time to store up future posts, as Tony said!

    Enjoy the rest, xxx

  • Will certainly miss you :-)

    polly xx

  • See you soon

  • Will miss the fun. I do hope someone else will provide some funny stuff. We don't want to go into a decline :D

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