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I am trying to help me son with the floor if i am in the room for 2 or 3 mins i gets an attack and find it hard to breath and got to get out he is puting a new floor down as my bedroom had a wooden floor and it was rotten and it had water under it but now is dry .why is it i can only stay in the room 2 or 3 mins then i got to get out no i do not do anything heavy or hard just take screws out with a elect screw driver so no hard ship i thought .

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Hi David, Please leave it to your son If you can, You would not believe the dust and sawdust fibers that are flying about in the room that you cannot see, Even the dry rot fibers are dangerous for your chest, If you have to be there please use a mask and goggles Good Luck, Mattcass


Thats it i do us a mask i have tryed a few and the only mask i can use is one from my neb machine with gorres to stop the dust .


Please leave it to your son - your chest will be very susceptible to irritants of any kind and there must be dust etc. my husband finds it very difficult to stand back he has always been able to "do" but sometimes you have to accept your health comes first. Hope the floor is great when finished. Take care TAD xx


I think it could be the dust and fibers from the old wood or could it be mold from the water. Anyway better say out of the room I can't go into our attic anymore the fibers from the insulation kill me.


Nanaber is right to mention mould. If it was wet and damp there are probably mould spores about.

Please leave it to your lovely son, how good of him to help out. Many of us will be quite envious to have a helping hand from family :)


bending up and down even if you were fit will make you breathless better leaving it for your son


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