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Thursday went to docs as hard to breath so now he is making appointment with specialest Friday night ambulance came out but did not go in as told no need saturday morning hospital by Amblance both ambulance crew

Asked me were is my oxygen but

Both said i should be on it so pumped with steroids and on

Oxygen for about a 4 hours so who do i get it off can some one

Tell me as one is saying blf some

Say docs some say hospital .

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Hi, my consultant order me my oxygen. They need to do a few tests to make sure you need it. I had a pulmonary lung function test, a arterial blood gas test and a 6 minute walk test all during the same appointment and the guy who did these tests authorised me oxygen for me.

My consultant put me on oxygen too. M

Morning, Hope you are feeling a little better this morning. My husband went for his Pulmonary Rehab course assessment and was given oxygen by the respiratory team nurses to be used during exercise. Having said that we have had four canisters of oxygen delivered to home. My husband has yet to be referred to a consultant - the preference is to use the specialist respiratory team. How long he has to use it for, if it is permanent etc. has not been talked about.

I would suggest that you ring the BLF helpline number and I am sure they could help you. In the meantime perhaps you need another apt with your Doctor - perhaps he could fast-track an appointment with a consultant. Take good care, TAD xx


Doctors are no longer involved in the supply of oxygen.you will be referred to the Respiratory Team at you local hospital, may be via your consultant.

I am just starting the process.

I was assessed by the the respitory nurse , prior to starting PR.

It was decided I would benefit from 2 lpm during excercise and moving

around, which is the limit of her remit.

She is also the person to submit my HOOF. Home oxygen order form

I ask for four cylinder ...bag ... And trolley. Which I received after three days, replacement cylinders are supplied next day mon to frid not weekend unless there is emergency order which is within four hours.

She as also referred me for a full Assement , I have already had blood test, results ok.

The next is a one hour test at the local hospital , this will decide the amount I need and the equipment I will be able to use.

My end game is a portable concentrator , fingers crossed.

Pretty sure you have to be referred to the respiratory team by your GP. They will do the relevant tests and make the decision on oxygen and how much.


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I was in hospital some weeks back for a heart procedure. And as soon as I was in the bed waiting to go in my oxygen dropped and set their machines into alarm. They put me on oxygen and the doctor told them to keep me on oxygen the whole time I am there until I go home. They also told me to mention this to my doctor as they were concerned by this. I explained this to my doctor who put a oxymeter on my finger while sitting and said it seems fine now talk to you cardiologist when you next see him? I am having more episodes of sleep apnoea and feeling lousy in the mornings and have bright red hands and joints on waking anyone have this?

The gp would normally refer you to the respiratory team at the hospital if felt that is what is needed. gp's are only allowed to order o2 for palliative care these days I believe. Then if resp nurse deems you need o2 can order it as a 4hr emergency, a next day install or a standard 3 day install not including weekends except for hospital discharges

Your doctor can organise a temporary supply, but will also need to refer you on to a specialist respiratory team. Since the rules changed not all gps are aware that they can do a temporary supply. They however can not change an existing supply. This MUST be done via a respiratory team or consultant.

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