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FOR NEWBIES: Gordon57's radio show:

I'm taking the liberty of re-posting this from Gordon. His great radio show, do have a listen, it's just started ............... Of course - my radio show starts at 4pm on a Sunday, replayed at 6pm Tuesday and 8pm Thursday and can be heard through or on mobiles and smart TV's by using TuneIn.Com and looking for 'Replay Radio' - details of the show will usually be on as well as the chance to 'listen again' for the latest show. The show is Gordons Goldies and I feature a lot of music from 1952-1992 that does not get played on other stations, the majority were top 40 hits but there are some oddities in there too :)

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I wa pleased to read that - I have been wanted to listen to Gordon's show, and some lovely music.


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