Sorry Dads!

Just had this posted on my FB and it made me smile hope it does the same for you :)

For all beautiful mums.

I was out walking with my 4.5-year-old son . He picked up something off

of the ground and started to put it in his mouth . I took the item away from

him and I asked him not to do that . 'Why' ? my son asked .

'Because it's been on the ground ; you don't know where it's been , it's

dirty , And probably has germs' , I replied .

At this point , my son looked at me with total admiration and asked ,

'Mum , how do you know all this stuff ? You are so smart..'

I was thinking quickly and replied , 'All mums know this stuff . It's on the

Mum Test . You have to know it , or they don't let you be a Mum'.

We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes , but he was evidently

pondering this new information . 'Oh....I get it' ! he beamed , 'So if you

don't pass the test you have to be the dad'.

'Exactly' , I replied with a big smile on my face .

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Brilliant Janet! Thank you so much for that. :-) :-) Alison

Lovely, it put a much needed smile on my face, thanksx

from the mouths of babes I think is the saying. made me smile too thanks Jandan

Haha, nice one. xx

Have just thrown up for third time today an thought I'd check my E mail from health unlocked. Your little post has made my day better absolutely priceless, one to remind him about in years to come

lol will post it myself on FB.

xx Ros xx

Out of the mouths of babes..........

Clever - I liked that one!


That was lovely Jan - as always. Thank you.

Bobby xxxx

Funny i get it

Well really Janet. I must object in the most strongest possible terms, that subject was not in my curriculum.


I love it M

Had good chuckle at that! xx

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