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All or nothing

Oh dear, what have I done now? I had an email from Healthunlocked asking about receiving emails and I just happened to say that I preferred the old way of reading blogs and deciding which ones to answer. I used to get an email with lots of questions etc. in it and then read the ones I wanted to and reply but since everything changed, I started to get lots and lots of separate emails which took a while to go through. Guess what? Now I don't get any emails at all! Not one! I now just log on when I think of it and look at blogs, questions, posts etc. then.

Never mind, I can still keep up to date with everyone but do miss the daily emails just not too many of them.

Take care all and will pop in from time to time. Love, Carole xxxx

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Thr e- mails are still there, a bit hit and miss my last one came tea time with twenty post spread over two days.

I too replayed to there e-mail, I suggested five of the most recent or 'less' of the daily post / questions. Not twenty.

Hi Carole, I don't get any for days on end . Then I get 60 or something. Oh well! Alison

It's a pain isn't it? Instead of getting one email I get duplicates of most of them!

Bev x

I have not had any new ones for days so I log in through the last one I received. Means going over old news but get there in the end. I am not complaining sure the people concerned are doing their best to iron out any problems. Joyce

I did reply with the what do you think button but that is not there now and said they email has to many posts on it. and still does.

I must be lucky,I have had no problems.Keep smiling


Your daily tonic

Thanks for the replies everyone. I have just logged on to see what is going on so have caught up with my post 3 days ago. Hope all are well. Love, Carole xxxx

P.S. Still no emails. Oh Hum!! xx

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