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Benefits application

I applied for a carers allowance for my husband about 7months ago and we were refused even though he looks after me 24/7 without any payment from the gov because he receives his state pension . I was asked 3 weeks ago if we received any benefits and said no to which i was told to apply and even if we got nothing my husband would be registered. I applied and received a phonecall yesterday asking if i'd applied, i did it then and there. the ladies on the phone were really good and understanding but.............. i always feel like i'm being interrogated and get myself all flustered. Even though we have nothing more than we should have (as in savings and huge or small investments) I still feel guilty. It's like walking through the green channel in customs knowing you have nothing but still feel as though they are looking and pointing a finger at me. How on earth do I get over this feeling?

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I was just wondering if you had applied for Attendance Allowance ,it is non means tested. Or for Pension Credit which is?

Don't feel guilty about applying, the Citizens Advice Bureau, and the BLF Helpline will help too.

Best of luck


I presume the refusal was, you would not receive, any payment as you husbands pension is higher than the careers allowance. by claiming you may attract other benefits, this is what you are entitled to.

Yes some times the question are clinical, that the way it works, they work from a set list of questions.

Is your husband or you or both not entitled to Attendance Allowance a non means tested benefit for people over 65 .

Speak to your local CAB or council welfare officer.

Share your feeling, but now I take a different view others get the money if entitled so why not me, try that sentiment see if it works for your feelings.

It's not easy Maureen. Applying for benefits and allowances to which you are entitled can make you feel very negative. The best advice an adviser from Welfare Rights gave me when I felt the way you are feeling now was 'you just have to think of this as a means to an end'. She was absolutely right and it did help.

Good luck.

love cx

Thanks for replying its good to hear other peoples thoughts. We applied for attendance allowance a couple of years aog because my hubby had prostate problems but were refused then and since then have felt it was always going to be a waste of time so didnt bother.We've never applied for pension credits I just assumed we wouldn't qualify for those either.When making enquiries at the Welfare Rights office whe i was still working I was told if my condition was terminal and I couldn't walk without oxygen and less than 100 metres unaided I need not even bother or even think about it, so as the days turned to weeks and weeks to months then into years I gave up hope. I eventually had to give up work because of using o2 and a mobility scooter just to get around although it broke my heart to leave, i had been there for more than half of my lifetime.

After many investigations and biopsies i was finally diagnosed and told to apply for benefits because of the difference in pay. I applied answering all the questions truthfully and received my payment backdated.Now i keep getting asked if i'm on any benefits when i have eye tests and my dental treatment because i would qualify for help with the payment for them. I've just paid £150 for specs and £49 for 1 filling!!!! (which fell out after 2 days) I've had the filling redone and now another has fallen out which will cost another £49.

Click >- -< explains how to apply for help with health costs, prescriptions, eye tests and glasses and dental. It depends what benefits you get or what your income level or value of any savings is but the Low Income scheme may be worth applying for as a HC2 certificate could get you free treatment.

Hi Maureen - it's worth going for Attendance Allowance - phone the BLF helpline and ask their advice about filling in the forms. And remember, tell them about the worst case scenario ! If your husband didn't look after you it would cost the country a darn sight more to provide all that care......... Gill

Keep trying, don't give in


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Maureen if the two of you only have the state pension, and your total savings are below 10,000 (think it's still that amount but check) then you should qualify for pension credits. If you got pension credits then you would not pay for glasses, prescriptions or routine work under nhs dentists. If a private dentist then you still have to pay. If you only have the basic range of glasses and basic lenses you would not pay. If you wanted an upgrade you would get money off. You wouldn't pay council tax either. Is this is the case apply!

I agree that you should apply for attendance allowance. This benefit is not normally means tested so it would be extra on top of everything else. I used to work for the Department of Work and pensions. Good luck with it all.

Bev x

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