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You can't beat a bit of sea air it seems

Hi all, Just got back from Weymouth after a short break away with Sharon my wife. The sun was shinning and there wasn't a spare inch left on the beach.

I found that even though we walked for miles my breathing was the best its been for a long time. O'k I used plenty of oxygen but even when walking up to the fort on the hill over looking the bay I was surprised to reach the top without stopping and in pretty good shape too.

We strolled through a park area over looking the part of the bay where Ben Ainslie won his Olympic gold medal while a squirrel ran around our ankles begging for food. He was very amusing and persistent but we had no food to give, I'm sure he wasn't going to starve though as he was very good as begging and there was plenty of people around would only be too pleased to feed him.

We were also entertained by a family of young ring plovers on the harbour wall, they were darting around under our feet as we walked and were very funny to watch. Next a Cormorant joined in the show, he had caught a large eel and was struggling to swallow it, he must have been very hungry as he battled with it for 5 minutes or more until he finally succeeded in keeping it down.

After all this walking it was time to return to the guest house where we sat looking out of the open bay window in our room at the sea only yards away while emptying a bottle of sauvignon blanc. It was a perfect end to a day and I completely forgot about my illness and just enjoyed life.

Maybe we should all move to the coast and take in a little sea air, with fish and chips, ice creams a few pints thrown in for good measure.


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Sounds like you have had a wonderful break away, wildlife can be so amusing. And a squirrel begging, wonder if he got lessons from the ones in King George's Playing Fields, Hereford! They will happily take food direct from your hand down there. And who cares if you used more O2 than normal to get around, as you say you forgot about your health difficulties, and got on with what is important, enjoying life.

I love the coast where ever it is, my breathing is usually a lot better too, maybe being away from the distractions of life helps, or may be it is the fish and chips plus a few real ales. So yes perhaps we should all migrate to the coast line of the UK.

Thanks for the update, will there be more walkies up the local hills this weekend?

Huggles Katina and Lottie Dog


If the weather is good enough, I'm sure a walk on the hills is on this weekend. I've got to burn off those fish and chips somewhere and the air is quite clear up there too.

Tony xx


Well good for you honey, take it steady and post a photo if you can of the views, wonderful up on the Malverns.


Hi Tony so glad you and Sharon enjoyed your short break your looking a picture of health, The GP is over the moon along with the Chest doc it will be on a phase back to work, Then I have go for a company medical and a back to work interview If it does not work out at least I gave it a good shot, It's hard to believe they were talking transplant to me in June and the progress you have made over the last 4 months is nothing but amazing, Sharon must be so proud off you because Fran has told me several times unless she is hinting for a rise in her carers allowance.MC


Txs Tony for your lovely descriptive post,felt like I was there,with you & 'young' Sharon lol!

I really do think sea air is great for you.We are 15 mins drive away,& before the 'life change' would go down everyday,even if just to sit & watch all the holiday makers etc,& if lucky enough to see some dolphins,flitting about-in the sea,& at times whale watching,if it was the right season.

Unfortunately,Harry has no desire for that now,but I still haven't given up,on trying to encourage him! Determined to get him there one of these days!

Also enjoy watching the surfers on there boards,amazing some of them,must be a wonderful feeling of freedom out there.

Hope those fish & chips(or chups) as our New Zealand cousins,across the ditch call them! Like there saying sex,for six,gets them into trouble sometimes!!

Love to you both,

Wendells xxx


I wouldn't mind a glimse of those surfer dudes Wendells. It's been p***ing down her in London since 11pm last night. I'm about to run (run?) Fred around the park in a lull. hope the sun's shining there :D


Felt just the same in June when we spent a week in Weymouth. Lovely place - found it very relaxing. Glad you enjoyed it Joyce


Hi dall , you look so well. Fantastic. The sea air does seem to agree with you. Wonder if it would be the same during the winter. Could be worth having a few visits to see if a move would permanenty help. Maybe the salt air would be good for a boost every now and again. So pleased for you. Alison :-) :-)


Hi Dall05'

Sounds as though you had a great holiday. Isn't it strange how we feel so much better, and seem to be able to do so much more when away from home? No doubt there are a whole number of reasons, including psychological, but who cares - Carpe Diem, as they say :-)


I live about 5 minutes walk from the sea. Maybe living on the coast is part of the reason that I don't do too bad most days.


Your holiday looks wonderful, I would love to go to Weston for a weekend just to breathe in that good air I always felt better when I came home. We used to dream about moving down there for our retirement but unfortunately other things have got in the way.

polly xx


Carrieme is right, we always seem to do better when away from home. I am glad you have enjoyed it so much. x


Sounds wonderful Tony. Perhaps it's time to visit my cousin who lives there. :)


Good for you Tony. Nice that you both had a good time



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