Hello this is my first post even though I have been looking at this site for a few months and thinking how brave you all are. I have had asthma for a lot of years and its always been very well controlled, my meds were Qvar and Salamol.

About 14 months ago I noticed that I was more breathless doing things that normally I would have taken in my stride. I saw my GP and was sent for Xray and had some blood tests but all came back normal, my GP then tested for heart problems, ECG etc, but again all normal. After all these tests I started to think was it all in my head, I did not have a cough or suffered with colds or chest infections, I was still able to do a 40 min. walk every morning and normal housework and gardening and if I had time another 30 mins. on treadmill in the afternoon.

I left it for a few months and eventually had a spirometer lung function test earlier this month and the result was I had severe copd, I somehow had manged to skip the mild and moderate state. I was absolutely shocked at the result and I think the nurse who did the test was too, she actually said "I did not expect that".

I have now been prescribed seretide 500 twice a day, I feel exactly the same as I did before I was diagnosed, I am doing the same amount of walking, housework, gardening etc. I feel that its not numbers/figures that matter but how you feel yourself and I will continue to take inspiration from all you good people on this site who suffer with this awful condition.


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  • Hi

    Welcome , good post, describing what you do, I am surprised you are severe,

    I would ask for it to be done again. It sounds like you are nearer mild/ moderate?

  • Thank you stone for your reply, the results, I was told were pretty conclusive, the GP said possibly my symptoms had been masked by my controlling the asthma so well over the years.

  • Hi Patsy,&welcome! Yes I was astmatic for years,before Copd diagnose,they told me the same thing.Do hope you find what you're looking for here,some lovely people,only to willing,to pass on what they know.

    Love Wendells xx

  • Hi patsymac, welcome aboard. We offer companionship and support. Some people are even quite knowledgeable. You seem to be doing a lot to keep yourself as well as possible. Have a good weekend. :-) :-) Alison

  • Hi Pat

    a very warm welcome to you. Sorry you have copd. I don't have copd but there are a lot of folks on here who do and you will find lots of support.

    love c

  • Hi Pat, yes it is a horrible disease. But you are doing the best you can to control it. On here you can ask any questions about how it affects you, any side effects from the meds and if you are feeling down, lots of support from others who will know just how you feel . x Joyce

  • Thank you all for your warm welcome and supportive comments.


  • Hello and welcome patsymac. I missed the mid/moderate/severe stage too. Oh well, such is life ! :)

  • Hello Pat and welcome to the site. I also was not diagnosed until very late - stage 4 and had never had asthma either!

  • Hi Pat. Don't forget to enjoy some light hearted humour along the way


    Your daily humour tonic

  • I certainly will KOTC I always enjoy reading your posts. Pat

  • Hi patsymc glad u have joined in, am new too and I have received lots of support so am sure you will too. I am on seretide 500 1 puff twice a day and I've been told I have minimal emphesema! I too get out of breath, so I do wot I can and that's it. I still work full time but do get very tired, they have told u COPD but did they say in wot form? Mines emphesema! You will cope but it's good to have support

  • Hi Boo-Boo thanks for your reply, I have just been diagnosed so not sure what form, possibly emphysema as I do not have a cough or bring up mucus, I have an appointment with the GP soon to discuss seretide 500 and how I am getting on. Working full time must be very hard for you so its no wonder you get tired but I think its best to keep busy and as active as possible. Take care.


  • Hi pat am finding seretide a bit strong and have only took 1 puff per day recently and it feels more comfortable, mine is smoking related emphesema they say, but I haven't smoked much in last 10 yrs. I don't cough or have mucus so we sound in the same boat haha take care and make sure meds are right for you max xx

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