Has anyone with lung conditions been prescribed Gabapentin experience breathlessness ?

I was at my doctors today and he prescribed me Gabapentin ! I came home read the leaflet got to the side effects section and breathlessness seems to be one of them ! I know reading the side effects of any tablet is enough to put you off taking them. Makes me wonder why doctor prescribed me them as i have enough breathing problems as it is without adding to it . Has anyone with lung condition been prescribed them before and did you experience this symptoms once taking them ? This is putting me of taking the medication. Thanks Angie :)

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  • Hi, perhaps the GPwas thinking the benefits will out weigh the risk of having one of the side effects?

  • Hi Angie

    If you are still getting these side effects you might want to contact your prescriber to get this checked out.

    Good luck - let us know how you get on.

    love cx

  • H i take gabapentin and i am stage four copd and i have been ok for the last 4 years take care

    Dorothy xxx

  • Hi and thanks for replies ! Yes your probably right Peeg . I have taken it tonight so hopefully i'll be fine . Good to know you've had no problems taking them newlands puts my mind at ease now ! I just didn't want to add more breathlessness to what I've already got. I think i should stop reading the side effects on the leaflets :) Thanks Angie .

  • sorry hun I read your post wrongly - I thought you were getting more breathless on this medication.


  • That's ok cofdrop my first night taking them ! all well so far . Thanks Angie :)

  • my wife was prescribed gabapentin after hip op went wrong,she was prescribed this drug for to help with nerve damage she was on highest doze.the sidefects of this drug are terrible.my wife was like she was possessed.she had to come off the tablets. my brother was also prescribed this drug and to come of after terrible side effects.there is another tablet called pregabalin which does not have as bad side.but costs £90 pound a month instead of £6 a month for gabapentin.so doctors don't mention this to their patients.but see your doctor he may give you pregabalin

  • Harry takes pregabalin,since his operation for hip replacement,thankfully over here,it's on the free? list,so most it costs is $6.He has had no probs.with it.

    Wish you all the best,

    Wendells xx

  • Hi mizzymac, I would proceed with much caution with the drug Gabapentin, it has many bad side effects but some people find it works OK for them. As stated above it is a cheaper drug than others.Its main use is for epilepsy, research supposedly in a small number of people has shown it is beneficial for nerve pain too.It can have worsening effects in people with chest problems.I was prescribed it if all else failed for pain, but my pain is arthritic not nerve so I refused to take the risk to my chest & breathing.Take care

  • I've taken this med for three years for nerve pain caused by my lupus I've had no probs and it has helped with the pain .

  • Hi Mizzymac ,I've been taking Gabapentin since 2006 and if memory loss is a side effect then maybe to much red wine on a Saturday night is not to blame

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