I need help to stop smoking....can someone help? Thanks for your support :)

have been diagnosed with COPD in 2007 and got for the start Salamol.But no one has really told me about that it can be very serious. And my English was not so good to understand this illness, only much much later where I was getting more chest infections and breathing problems and tiredness and so on. Since two years ago I got differed inhalers like Atrovent and Clenil . I don't use them anymore, and has put on Seretide 250,Spiriva 18 mircrogram, Salmotol I still use. So I have start to do research on COPD and I am quite scared. I have start to cut down my smoking habits 1 year ago from 27 to 3-6 depends how my day is but not more and I only take the electronic one.

I have tried patches they where actually very good and I stopped for 16 days. then I became a allergic to, very bad that I had to stop using them. Then gums, they have done nothing to me and do not taste good so that I got a sore mouth, and tried other things too, but nothing seams to help, and I really would like to stop...but its not very easy for me. Has someone a good advise?

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  • I would have a chat with your doctor or the cessation nurse at your GP surgery to see what other options are available to you Coccobo.

    I went cold turkey years ago and used Water, Oranges and fitness activity. Every time I had a craving, I would drink a glass of water, breathe deeply, peel and orange, go for a walk, clean house anything to distract. Reaffirming the reason I choose to stay smoke free.

    There's a Quit Support here at HealthUnlocked, which may be very useful to you also:


    Wishing you every success in achieving smoke free.


  • Hi thanks that sound very good and I will try that :) I saw the Nurse many times i have tried everything, I also took some Pills i can't remember the name of it. I had nightmares and my Partner told me I have lost my smile and happiness....my personality had changed also got depressed so I had to stop taking them. But i will try your advise and the link,- Thank you!!! :) :)

  • I found it much more easy to give up smoking than claiming DLA i'm level 4 copd and have just been turned down can anyone help, try champex from your GP it worked for me good luck

  • The most powerful thing in stopping smoking is the power of your mind. 3-6 is better than 27 but still too many. If you make your mind up that you are not going to smoke you will get there. Good luck.

  • Hi ,- you are right,- i try so hard and not hard enough,- also to much stress at work is not helping. But thank :) I will try my best to get my mind sorted.

  • I gave up smoking 7 years ago using champex I found it a lot easy than claiming DLA can anyone help good luck with the smoking.

  • Hi I gave up smoking nearly 14 weeks now and it was one of the hardest things in my life I was,:) a smoker for 33 years and relied on ciggys alot due to me having bad depression but giving up was something I wanted to do do a long time so I went from 12 a day to 6 then down to 3 a day and then quit :) like I said it was one of the hardest things I've had to do I get really bad craving for a ciggy so what I do is use an nicotine inhalation that I that of the nurse plus I chew alot of sugar free chewing gum I spend more on chewing gum a week then I did on smoking. Hope this helps and good luck on your battle xx

  • Well done pamela67


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Thankyou kotc :) xx

  • Good job. xx

  • Take a look at this chap. He says that if he could just stop one person from smoking or get one person to give up smoking , then it would make his life worthwhile. Not nice to watch but I hope it hits home to the people who still smoke on here.

    To give up smoking you really have to want to. It's not a half hearted thing.

    Good luck to those whop are giving up.

  • hiya x theres a book called easyway to stop smoking by allen carr you will get it off commy you might even be able to download it . it is very good you smoke while reading it .I read it 2 I was beginning to think it wasn't workin and then I just never wanted a ciggie . it says alsorts in this book to follow instructions etc . well one of the instructions is not to have one puff of a ciggie . because its that easy to stop and yoy think the book will work again . it wont so give it a go x it cost 280 pounds to go on a cessation class and all they do is recite this book back to a group I payed 5 50 for this book 4 years ago so good luck with packing in

  • We on here can support you in your battle to give up smoking but only you can do it. If you keep on telling yourself that it's hard and you can't do it then you won't.Think about your future if you stop smoking now your condition may not get any worse but if you carry on it is going to get worse. There are a lot of people on this site who are on oxygen is this your future? It was the memory of my sister-in-law being on oxygen that made me give up.I had problems too with patches etc so went cold turkey and if I can do it so can you. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but the alternative is worse.

    Pamela has done it with our support so you can too.


  • That is a powerful video Puff. Here is the link.

  • When the word asthma was replaced with COPD I never gave it a second thought. I was not told how serious it could be. It was only in the last few years as I changed my doctor that the truth hit home. I was told the best thing I could do was give up smoking, which I did using the Alan Carr book. It will not be easy but for your health please think hard about this, if not you may end up like me. I have been put on oxygen at home and I hate it. A year ago I was a happy outgoing person. I am now restricted and spend days at home alone and depressed. My COPD suddenly changed for the worst after a few chest infection. Please don't think you are fine because smoking will make it worse. I have managed 9 months without a cigarette, it is not easy but I left it to late please don't be me.

    Good Luck


  • It will be 6 months on 8th September since I gave up the dreaded weed. In my case I was frightened into it by my doctor. He told me that with my lungs if I didn't give up immediately, like right now , I would be dead in 2 years. I have since found out he was exagerating, but it did the trick. I went cold turkey. After many other attempts over the years using different methods it was the only way.

    Everyone has their own story to tell but in most cases if we want it badly enough. WE CAN DO IT. good luck. :)

  • You have not to stop trying to stop smoking (if that makes sense) and you will succeed I had 4 attempts at stopping smoking and have now gone 7years without a cigarette.

  • I'm sticking with the e-cig - it works for me!

    Good luck - I stopped over 2 years ago having smoked for 55 years ...


  • i have copd just like you but unlike you i stopped smoking completly cutting down is no good you have to stop that will make an incredible diference to your copd i stopped a few years ago its either that or order the coffin . as for the sore mouth and gums that is probably caused by the seritide and there is a simple solution every time you take your seritide wash your mouth out with water like you do when you brush your teeth its as simple as that but most important STOP smoking.

  • hi i was smoking 20 a day for 42 years i decided to give up when i turned 58 it does help to have a quit date and you will have panic attacks as the day draws closer i was lucky as champix worked for me it stopped the cravings but it does not work for everybody i went through the nhs they were very supportive, after stop smoking for 6 months i had a lung performance test and i went from asthma to having copd and yes i read the alan carr book while i was giving up and it was very helpful, its now been 8 months since i stopped smoking , so the very best of luck and try, try, and try again and you will get there xxx

  • I smoked for 46yrs,became very breathless,could walk only a short distance. Could'nt bring myself to go for help when i was still smoking-big mistake as each infection damaged the lungs. Went to a quit clinic and was prescribed Champrix,hav'nt smoked since. Dont think its easy because it is'nt,used to think cigs was my crutch,the first thing i reached for when the going got tough. Thats rubbish,your paying a heavy price for killing yourself. Please keep trying,you will have more money,look ten years younger and smell beautiful. I've now been smoke free 4yrs

  • I smoked for 55 years but couldn't give up until I was hospitalised for two weeks' But I do agree with others comments the seriousness doesn't really hit you in the early days. Asthma becomes COPD you have X Rays and when they come back clear from the Big 'C' you think you are clear and o.k. I do think Doctors and Smoking Cessation Clinics should emphasize the C.O.P.D angle at an early stage. But as most of us agree, it is up to us to give up by whatever means suits us; but anyone joining this site must not only be aware of the seriousness but also of the support available. Good luck to everyone trying still. If you don't succeed first of all DO NOT GIVE UP trying!


  • I gave up 12 years ago for 3 years then started back smoking 4 years ago in March I was diagnosed with copd I quit smoking the day I was diagnosed I used NRT both time. The difference this time is I have stayed using the NRT it stops me from wanting a cigarette. Good luck to you

  • Most importantly,tell yourself you are NOT giving up something,you are finding a much newer,healthier you!! You are GAINING,a new you,& be proud of it.

    Good luck,Wendells xx

  • Hi Coccoco, I stopped smoking (again) 3 years ago after I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. I think the fright I got when they explained about my lungs was a good start. However I went out and got a Nicorette Inhaler and have never looked back. I like it because you use it like a cigarette and inhale. The starter pack has 2 inhalers and dozens of capsules to insert into them. You have a cup of coffee or glass of wine etc. and puff away, its great. The last time I stopped smoking I used it and was stopped for 10 years.

    Give it a go and good luck.


  • Hi Coccoco, I have just joined this group today and saw your post. I have severe COPD, I'm on oxygen 24/7 and can just about walk from my house to my car. I gave up smoking 11 years ago after being a heavy smoker for well over 40 years. It was before I was diagnosed with COPD. If I hadn't stopped I wouldn't be here today.

    I went to Quit Smoking classes at my local health centre and they gave me patches. They worked but gave me weird nightmares so I used to take the patch off for the night. The support from other members of the group was brilliant and really helped but I think the main thing was that I had just discovered I was going to become a Granny for the first time. I knew my family would not be pleased if I smoked near a baby. My son enlarged the picture of the first scan and I stuck it on the wall above my computer at work. I looked at it every time I thought about a cigarette and it made me more determined. My grandaughter is now 10, followed by her sister age 5, and brother age 3.

    My main regret is that I can't play with them as much as I would like because of being so breathless but at least I'm still here.

    Pulmonary Rehab classes were wonderful and I went on to join a local COPD, where I am now the secretary.

    Please try not to smoke Coccoco, it will make a big difference. :o)

  • Hello everyone, thank you so much for all the advise, they will help me a lot and will take me to the next step.

    I will go next wed to a group meeting, the woman at the helpline told me about Champax and I will go for it.

    I will try everything what it takes to keep me from smoking. I had also not a good day at work today...all day coughing that I could hardly get on the Phone, also had till now 3 ciggs...I know still not enough, but I try my best to get away...I eating chewing gum and my partner got me a lots of Haribo Smurfs today ( there are very nice) :)

    because we don't smoke in the House anymore, he need to go outside. But also try to stop with me and for me. So I try to stay strong to keep my fingers busy,- and write.

    I didn't know that Asthma becomes COPD... ?


  • First let me say that I smoked like a chimney for over 50 years and tried several times to quit; finally, I'd had enough and I doubled up on the patches and set my mind to it. It took longer than recommended with the patches and I wore two at every step instead of one. My reasoning was that the 2 and a half packs of ciggies were a much more concentrated form of nicotine and more directly involved with my lungs than these paltry patches..., so where's the harm?!

    I was determined come hell or high water to quit and I did.

    It's not easy but it IS necessary. Stop being wishy washy and make yourself do this.

    Quitting when I did didn't solve all my problems; a little over a year ago, after I'd quit smoking a few years before, I had a pulmonary breakdown of sorts and was hospitalized for two weeks, then another week in rehab. While there, I saw folks hooked up to oxygen tanks, in wheelchairs, sitting on the patio just outside, puffing away. Ridiculous.

    As I think back on it now, I see all the money and time wasted on ciggies and other nonsense that could've been put to better use. However, I now have more control of myself and am governed by one or two fewer "hobgoblins" of my soul.

    ONWARD !!!



  • The Allen Carr book is brilliant...worth a read ( its only about £4.99) combined with any way you chose to help yourself

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