Hand of friendship

You hold out a hand of friendship

to everyone you meet.

Sometimes it is taken

sometimes it is not.

The ones that refuse never know

what they might miss.

If that outstretched hand,

may have belonged to an Angel waiting there.

Someone who would have helped

unburden some of their load.

So the next time someone puts out a hand of friendship,

grasp it readily.

For you will never know if the stranger is really an Angel there.

(18 June 2007)

David Harris

13 Replies

Angel. i've never kissed an Angel, let me kiss one tonight.


Elvis fan I take it lol I love Elvis.

Think that ought to be read out in parliament when they start to bicker.

Thanks Jan, nail on the head yet again. x

Well I know an Angel when I see one & you are definitely an Angel Janet, :)

Nice poem :)

Karen xxxx

I second that :) xx

Lovely one! xxx

That was lovely x

That s just beautiful. Thank you Jan. :-) Alison

That's lovely Jan thank you :)

Bev x

Lovely title for a post :-)

Beautiful words, I am into Angel's thank you for sharing that verse.

i like that

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