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My husband had a blood test a couple of weeks ago and we duly went to see the practise nurse as requested only to find that he is pre diabetes! Apparently the scale is (I think 22 to 42 - on what I have no idea - and he was 42) We were given a leaflet on how to change his lifestyle etc. BUT heres the thing - he is not overweight, he does not eat sweets, hardly ever has alcohol, occasionally eats sweet things, always eats 3 meals, does not drink fizzy drinks. The only thing, having read the leaflet is to stop the sugar in his tea - and that is only a teaspoon. Anyone any advise?

He is worried if he cuts that out he will reduce his energy levels (never good with severe COPD) and loose weight.


TAD xx

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I have recently come across these articles when researching for a friend, which I hope will be helpful. x


THANK YOU that's very interesting and makes sense x


It's worth considering if he has sleep apnoea, as just recently news surfaced saying people with diabetes and hypertension should be tested The BLF have more about sleep apnoea on this link


Thanks will look into this x


My pleasure and hope it helps. People with pre-diabetes normally find their levels improve. Also, if you do find it's sleep apnoea, then the treatment also helps people with COPD for those who have both.

PS Just remembered a post I shared on Twitter about people with both COPD + Sleep Apnoea


You can get some yummy cakes for people with diabetes and there is a natural sugar substitute which may be ok to have at the pre diabetic stage, check with hubby's doc to be sure.

It may even be ok for him to have natural cane sugar so long as he's not doing too many cups in a day nor eating too many sugar foods, check with doc or the diabetes clinic or helpline. uk have some a great page on food and recipe advice, link below in case you haven't yet checked it out:

Best wishes



Thank you x


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