Went for my oxygen assessment this morning and found out it was just a blood test from my ear. She did however tell me I did not need oxygen 24/7 which is a relief but I now have to go for an oxygen walk test to see if I need ambulatory. She was concerned about my weight and loss of muscle tissue and wants me to do my best to put some weight on.

I am making the effort and having a beef dinner tonight and tomorrow I am going to buy a smoothie maker.

Got to wait for a letter or phone call.

polly xx

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  • Hi Polly, the blood test at your ear is an accurate way of finding out your oxygen saturation. A bit disappointing for them not to carry on and give you walk test. At least when it is done you will know if you need oxygen when you are active. I have been on oxygen for a while now when active and find it of great benefit. I am sure things will work out. Keep well.

  • Hi Polly, I agree with freckboy that it is a shame they did not co-ordinate this better and give you the two tests back to back. How another appointment/hospital visit is justified is hard to see. Never mind. Not needing oxygen for everyday use is a good result and soon you will know about your ambulatory needs. x

  • When my husband was first tested, like you it was just the ear blood test; they said they had to do another a month later just to make sure he wasn't having a bad day, and planned to do the 6 minute walk test at the second appt. Gill

  • I am doing another PR assessment - this time to see my physical ability. I am usually ok in the morning, albeit slow but by the time the afternoon comes, it is hard to get around. I am wondering if this is caused by lack of oxygen.

  • Hi Pollyjj, You may remember my husband has a similar "problem" at his PR assessment and he has been given ambulatory oxygen for the exercise class. The only thing I would say is that the nurse would not use the results from his ear - she said they are not accurate enough and would only use the result from the finger.

    He has been to two sessions using oxygen and is getting on OK with it - it is more the emotional side - it felt like he was getting much worse but in fact his lung function was exactly the same as last year. The nurses explained it is making sure that your organs are not affected by low oxygen levels. You may find you feel better when you use it. Lots of luck. TAD xx

  • How strange TAD my nurse said just the opposite that the finger measurement was not accurate enough so therefore they do the blood from the ear. I don't mind if I have to go on ambulatory oxygen if it is going to help me excercise a bit more as I am loosing my muscle through inactivity and not eating properly. Nurse suggested making smoothies with fruit as they are very high in calories so I my daughter is bringing me one in today so will have a go.

  • Hi polly! Never heard of blood taken from your ear, but do know when oxygen Sats are low a doctor will ask you to put oxymeter on a persons ear instead of finger and quite often the reading improves, good luck making smoothies they are delicious we eat them all the time and are great made with ice cream and your fav fruit xx

  • I went to the rehab some years ago and when they put me on the walker as soon as they gave me a small incline my O2 levels dropped severely and cramped my calf's. Just over a month ago I was in hospital for an ablation and my O2 dropped when I went flat and was kept on it until I was sent home. And told to speak to my Doctor as they were concerned. I could not see my usual doctor and all he had to say after putting a oxymeter on my finger while sitting up, was wait to see my cardiologist in my October Appointment!

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