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Lung transplant from living donor?

My boyfriend's cousin had a heart and lung transplant a few years back, and now her lungs have failed. Doctors have now told her that there's nothing more they can do and have given her 6-12 months. She's in her 20's and has two young children.

My boyfriend wants to look into the possibility of being a lung donor for her, but his GP has given him no information at all and our seaches on google haven't thrown up much in the way of finding out who to contact about getting tested for compatibility and what the steps are. Does anyone have any idea where we can start/who we should contact or if him donating a lung is even possible?

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So sorry to hear about your friend fzz33, that is such a tragic story.

If you call the BLF helpline about the lung donation side I am sure they will be able to advise you. Helpline is open 10 am to 5pm normal working week days telephone 03000 030 555.

All good wishes BC


as blakey c said ring blf asap.alf of gps are brain dead anyrd,or go gp an insist u want referralto were its nearest to u or if u can travel anywere don't get fobbed of ,all best wishes ,


HI fzz33, As BC said this is sad but serious information you require please contact BFL helpline, This must have happened somewhere down the line or a similar case they can compare with. Very Good Luck with This, Mattcass


"Having a lung transplant from a living donor is sometimes possible.

Two living donors are usually required for one recipient. The lower lobe of the right lung is removed from one donor and the lower lobe of the left lung is removed from the other donor. Both lungs are then removed from the recipient and are replaced by the lung implants from the donors in a single operation.

Most people who receive lung transplants from living donors have cystic fibrosis. Most are close relatives of the recipients. The donors and the recipient need to be compatible in size and have matching blood groups."

The Living Donation Assessment Team

Human Tissue Authority

151 Buckingham Palace Road



Tel: 020 7269 1900


Fzz33 I am very sorry to hear about your relative. Stilltruckin has offered some fantastic information. All I can do is wish you all the very best. Alison xxx


Don't really know what to say fz33, except that I really hope you can find the answers you're looking for. I know absolutely nothing about it I'm afraid, but there are some good responses above.


We've been told that living lung transplants are not done in the UK, so it doesn't look like we can do anything unless a match comes up on the organ register :( Thanks very much for your responses guys, it was really helpful x


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