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Grief, have any of you guys been scammed over PPI?

I did on one occasion!

Anyway, had a call this morning from what was supposed to

be my Bank. asking me details eg date of birth etc. I refused to

cooperate, so I was told to go to my bank and they would leave

a message on my account, when I had done the necessary conformation

they would call me back at 11. Well I puffed my way to the bank and

they told me it was my PPI refund. Great I though and puffed my way

home. I did get quite excited about how much!

Anyway still waiting for the 11 o'clock call. lol

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  • Off topic - I love your elephant's behind! x

  • I took that on Safari in Kenya, a bit disappointed it was out of focus. But never the less I took it :0)

  • I have many more from the watering hole underground camera point. What an experience.

    Ahhh just wish I could do it all again. Sobs. xx Ros xx

  • It will be worth getting out of breath when you know how much you will get.. Well done.

  • Well they have just called me back. Gees it felt like the SS. They are taking me back to 2002, no further . Now it is up to the panel. Grss. HSBC are not the best at refunding. Will know within a week if they will pay up!

  • Drinks all round Eh?Is4bell4


  • Good luck Is4bell4 and love the elephant too. Take care. xxxx

  • Good Luck!! xx

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