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Off Topic

Grief, have any of you guys been scammed over PPI?

I did on one occasion!

Anyway, had a call this morning from what was supposed to

be my Bank. asking me details eg date of birth etc. I refused to

cooperate, so I was told to go to my bank and they would leave

a message on my account, when I had done the necessary conformation

they would call me back at 11. Well I puffed my way to the bank and

they told me it was my PPI refund. Great I though and puffed my way

home. I did get quite excited about how much!

Anyway still waiting for the 11 o'clock call. lol

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Off topic - I love your elephant's behind! x

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I took that on Safari in Kenya, a bit disappointed it was out of focus. But never the less I took it :0)


I have many more from the watering hole underground camera point. What an experience.

Ahhh just wish I could do it all again. Sobs. xx Ros xx


It will be worth getting out of breath when you know how much you will get.. Well done.


Well they have just called me back. Gees it felt like the SS. They are taking me back to 2002, no further . Now it is up to the panel. Grss. HSBC are not the best at refunding. Will know within a week if they will pay up!


Drinks all round Eh?Is4bell4



Good luck Is4bell4 and love the elephant too. Take care. xxxx


Good Luck!! xx


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